I Come to the Garden Alone

November 23, 2011

A Quest For Truth

I have come to the garden alone
Why then I do not know
Am I so scared of the love offered here
It’s so different than what I have known.

Protective and cautious I’ll be
Because the truth is on trial for me.
I come from the world, where no good I’ve seen
Self preservation or destruction was key.

I am scared, for I have yet to know
That sin, not man, is my foe.
But I’m eager to listen and willing to learn
Have compassion and patience – I’ll grow.

A paralyzing fear as the truth becomes clear
God desires His will as my own.
That I surrender control and learn to let go
It is a choice I must make – alone.

My quest is common it seems
An internal instinct to believe.
But truth is elusive and hope forsaken
To those who do not wish to see.

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