Open Heart Surgery

February 13, 2012

A Quest For Truth, Soul Seeds

Inside my heart are wounds that need healing
Its beating has slowed, I am barely breathing.
I fear for my life, as I am bleeding;
I am not the chief surgeon, but a resident in training.

I cannot survive or continue to hide
What needs to happen must not be denied.
Open heart surgery must be performed
But, I want to do it on my own accord.

Although, I must admit I need assistance
To this idea, I am still resistant.
This adds feelings of weakness and resentment
For, as my heart is exposed I am vulnerable once more.

I live in a world full of fears, which has brought a life full of tears.

I am only nineteen, too much anguish I have seen
I have many deep scars the eyes cannot see.
My heart needs mending and my soul needs fulfilling
The process has been slow, but I am succeeding.

It is time to peel away the bandages
Which have kept my heart from falling apart.
In order to stop the bleeding
I need to heal all of its beatings.

My heart has been bruised through and through
It only knows black and blue.
I need to cleanse it and make it pure
(God, I need your help too… )
I need to stop the bleeding of my wounds.

Soul Seeds…

The Resident or the Surgeon?

The resident (a lost seeker) is often under the misguided belief that they can handle life on their own. But ask yourself this, “would you ever try to perform surgery without first receiving the education?” Even more so, “would you ever dare try to perform an operation on yourself?”

Many people might wish for a new heart or a new way of life, but they must remember the doctor cannot heal them if they never go see him nor, will they continue to get better if they don’t follow his instructions.

While it is ultimately the residents “choice” whether or not to follow the guidance (Bible) of the chief surgeon (God), they must realize the only way they can ever receive it (a new life) is when they are willing to lay their own self will and pride at the foot of the cross.

Have you made your Dr. appointment today?

I wrote this as a seeker before baptism and accepting Jesus as my personal Savior. It was only then when I realized it is Jesus who cleanses, heals and makes us whole instead of me doing it on my own accord.

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23 Comments on “Open Heart Surgery”

  1. Mary Says:

    Truly you are an inspiration, Jessie. May you continue reaching out to others …


  2. Subhan Zein Says:

    I like this! Wonderfully written! :-)

    Subhan Zein


  3. isaiah43123 Says:

    It is only when we are at the bottom of the pit we are able to look up to see His outstretched hand waiting for us to take hold.


  4. Good News Devotions Says:

    Hi Jessie… Hope you are doing OK!… I will be praying for you… Blessings.. Bro Pat.
    OH by the way, I no longer have the brusharbors site.. However I moved to a new one.. Here it is in case you are interested. it is and my new e-mail is…. Hope you’ll come and join me… Blessings… Bro Pat.


  5. granbee Says:

    JessieJ, you have my hearty congratulations on a MOST masterly poem and essay today about what is really required in terms of submission to the Master Surgeon when we finally admit we need a new heart! Totally effective!


  6. wordzmcgee Says:

    This is a very beautiful poem as a majority of people look to others to heal a wounded heart. It’s much easier to know god and put your heart in his hands. Thank you for the read;


  7. The Bible Man Says:

    Excellent Post. I too tried to go through this life on my own. And though I had some worldly success, I had little peace and very little happiness. Then I met Jesus and HE gave my life meaning and true purpose. Purpose that will last long after I am gone, and now I have peace and sometimes great moments of pure happiness that I often can’t put into words. Great read Jessie!


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Thank you Bob – very well said yourself and I appreciate what you shared here. I am always interested in hearing peoples testimonies of how they may have “thought or viewed” things before finding Jesus compared to afterwards :)


  8. Freedomborn Says:

    Thank you Jessie, mine was the same story and Jesus said come to me Child I see you are heavy burdened, come I know how to mend your broken heart, come!

    Christian Love Anne


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