Photography by Jessie Jeanine

November 24, 2012

Photography by Jessie Jeanine

My new photography site is up ~ yeah! Just click on the pic to see it :)

I will try integrating images from there into this blog for awhile, but I’m not sure how I will like that, as it will undoubtedly change the feel of things here. More importantly, please let me know how YOU like it (I’m open to suggestions and recommendations too!) It just seems silly to set up a separate blog for another site though, so I will attempt to combine the photography, stories and poetry together here. It certainly is the easiest and most cost-effective solution, if I can just make it all flow together! It will also help enable regular postings again as well.

When you visit the new site you will be able to view the original images in many different sizes with the option to purchase prints, downloads and even stock photography (the shopping cart will be enabled soon.) I will be adding new pics regularly, so please check it out often. It is time to allow this passion to flourish as well! I am still very much fine tuning everything so I apologize if the changes seem bothersome, both here and there, for a short while.

I have also been utilizing more social media outlets so, please check out my Gravatar for all the ways we can connect. 

Btw, happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone! As you can see, I’ve been very busy with many different things this month, so I didn’t get much posted that was holiday orientated. We did take a break long enough to enjoy time with very special family and friends though ~ gobble gobble!

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8 Comments on “Photography by Jessie Jeanine”

  1. nightshade130 Says:

    I love it Jessie! Genius!
    Sherline :D


  2. AJ Buruca Says:

    Thanks for linking back to my website! I love your work on your site. I can’t wait to see more as time progresses. Great Job!


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Great to meet you AJ and thanks for having me! I enjoy your work too and appreciate that you’ve checked mine out as well.

      (p.s. I received two messages and combined due to broken links – hope this is ok)


  3. Wendell A. Brown Says:

    Congratulations, your site is truly beautiful and has left me totally smiling…i am so very happy for you, the site reflects the freedom you now have and the happiness you feel. Thanks for sharing it, because im so lifted by it…maybe one day i might be able to use one of your photos with one of my poems! Much love to you always Jessie!


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      I would be honored if you chose any of my work to combine with your own Wendell. You’re such a wonderful poet and I really enjoy your work! To say my site reflects the freedom and happiness I now have is such a great compliment and leaves me smiling as well :) Take care my friend and much love to you!


  4. Lady Deidre Says:

    Congratulations — the photography site is beautiful!
    God Bless You, Jessie!


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