We Do Not Stand Alone

United is the core we share
So none stands alone.
Roots anchored deep within
Let the mighty winds blow.

Photography by Jessie Jeanine


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8 Comments on “We Do Not Stand Alone”

  1. Desiray Says:

    Love the new site Jessie and we are so bless that God does not allow us to stand alone. For He is right there with us all the time. AMEN


  2. Scott Sandmeyer Says:

    What a haunting shot! You’re right, though-we never stand alone. One who stands closer than any brother is always close at hand.


  3. gshow Says:

    Hi, Jessie Jeanine . . . you don’t have LIKE buttons! ugh . . . Oh, well! Here is my LIKE! : )


  4. Butch Dean Says:

    Wow! Jessie, your photos are great!


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