What Am I?

December 29, 2012

Photography by Jessie Jeanine

Photo Of The Day, stock photography

Photo Of The Day, stock photography

Besides becoming one of my favorite photos for a future project,
does anyone care to guess what this is a picture of?

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9 Comments on “What Am I?”

  1. sharpword Says:

    Um it’s not a tree, so it must be an evening sand storm?

    I am going to post one of mine Jesse Please drop by and guess what it is too,

    Will you tell us what it is sometime?

    I think it might be rough waters at the bottom but I dunno?


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      OK… so I have dropped by your site and you are an incredible artist, my friend! I really appreciate your visit as well and look forward to sharing more with you in the future :) Be well!

      P.S. the following post reveals what this is…


  2. tsizzles Says:

    Hi Jess, just want to let you know that I nominated you for the One Lovely Blogger award. Thanks for your inspirational posts. Your picture looks like a plane above the clouds on a long sunset.


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Thank you so much for the wonderful nomination! It’s such a blessing to know others find my posts inspirational :) Many Blessings to you in the New Year to come my friend.


  3. Treasures of Hope Says:

    Looks like a pic from an airplane overlooking the clouds above mountains??


  4. Steven Sawyer Says:

    This is a picture of a sunset or sunrise and the clouds taken from the window of an airliner


  5. Rick Stassi Says:

    It is the Southern Colorado Rocky Mountains over the clouds from an airplane (at sunset)


  6. Abrianna Kate Says:

    The ocean?…jk. I already know what it is, Mom ;D



  1. What Am I? (answer) | Jessie Jeanine - December 31, 2012

    [...] photo above is the same pic as in the previous post, only unedited.  So, everyone was kind of right! :) It is taken from the window of an [...]

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