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This Easter

April 20, 2014

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  “It’s Friday,,, But Sunday’s Coming!”  

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Be Careful For What You Ask For!

January 2, 2014


Be Careful For What You Ask For!

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Be careful what you ask for?” I learned early in my faith what it means and how often it can come true, but I don’t think it matters what you believe in (whether it’s religion, science, karma, etc.) Be careful for what you ask for, because you might just get it! […]

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Dear God, This Is Your Fault!

December 14, 2013


God, this is your fault!

WHY is this happening to me? If God is so powerful, why doesn’t He stop this? He doesn’t love me, I deserve this… This MUST be God’s will. God is punishing me! If He REALLY loved me… The Blame Game Growing up you can believe I blamed God for everything. Whenever something went wrong it […]

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Many Fears

December 6, 2013


Fear to fly and soar up high Yet, fear to fall and say goodbye Fear to achieve and even succeed For I know what greed and wealth can mean Fear to gain and then to lose Fear to dream whatever I choose Fear of becoming all I have seen Fear that hatred might consume me […]

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Christ Died For me

October 17, 2013


Christ Died For Me

A handful of straw and nothing more A handful of wood in a carpenter’s store A handful of water, “Living,” He said A handful of food, five thousand He fed A handful of mud, a blind man can see A handful of nails, Christ died for me.

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Blogging For Dollars!

October 15, 2013

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Blogging For Dollars!

I never thought I’d use a title like, “Blogging For Dollars!” but it seems appropriate. After all, it is a part of what I do. For almost 2 years I had a handful of regular supporters (people who made consistent monthly donations to this site) besides random gifts that would come in. But, then I […]

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How Can We Relate?

October 3, 2013


How Can We Relate?

Though there is so much to be said for the blessings of living a sheltered life. I have experienced and heard from many people that it can have its disadvantages as well. For instance, if we are too sheltered then we might struggle with how to handle adversity or hardship when it strikes. Or we may […]

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A Babe In Christ, I Still Am

May 10, 2013


A Babe In Christ, Is What I Am

A babe in Christ… I still am so don’t release me, yet back into the same secular world with which I’ve just escaped temptation. For awhile, I need to be protected, hidden behind a hedge, and cradled as the babe in Christ that I am. Do not push me from the nest until I can […]

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We Write What We Know

April 13, 2013


We Write What We Know

While re-reading some of the poems I’ve posted and working on new pieces, something unsettling occurred to me that I’ve been praying about. As writers, we write what we know. I have a journalistic style and am best with facts and truth. I love to read ‘creative writing’ and fictional pieces, but find it very […]

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April 5, 2013


A new visitor has come in Be it alone or with a friend Thoughtful and considerate we must be For each has a story we may not see. Will we “do unto Him” By this visitor who’s come in? Remember what it’s like To be the new kid on sight? Our initial response to one […]

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