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Trading Up!

March 10, 2014


Leaving Town!

Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was only being redirected to something better. There really is no such thing as failure… Rather, we are taking steps forward and gathering experience that will help us achieve our goals and dreams in the future. If you do not fear rejection, then […]

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How To Move On (denial and the 5 stages of grief)

February 2, 2014



A guide to help victims become survivors. Can anyone else relate to this? “I don’t want to be a victim OR a survivor! I want to live an alternate reality. I don’t want this to be my reality and I spend a lot of energy trying to avoid it. I do pretty good until something […]

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How To Move On (freedom in remembering – part 1)

January 27, 2014


Break Free!

A guide to help victims become survivors. We’ll try to answer the questions that have come in one at a time. I pray this stirs much discussion which others find useful and encouraging! I received another email recently and in part, I was asked “how” is it possible to write about all this stuff if […]

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How To Move On (intro. cont.)

January 22, 2014


Dr.Phil - life coach

(As a continuation of the previous post, because it was getting too long again and my thoughts run in all directions…) As I think about it, my struggle in answering some emails may be where I could improve as a speaker too. When I get invited somewhere, I do not have a plan. There is […]

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How To Move On (intro.)

January 21, 2014


How To Move On (series)

I received another email recently and it pulled at my heart-strings in such a way that I wept. Another beautiful soul with so many questions… another survivor looking for answers… While trying to respond to this email, I realized that I have yet to directly answer some things or put them to paper. It made […]

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The One You Feed

January 7, 2014


Two wolves, black and white
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Letters From An Online Friend

January 6, 2014


*this is a re-post and response to my last post, “Before I Give Up.” I hope everyone can follow the way I’m doing this, but if not, just go to her site “Die Trying” as it’s easiest to follow along from there. Dear Jessie When trying to write a book such as this, it is […]

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Before I Give Up

January 6, 2014


I Love You!

*This is a re-post from another blog called, “Die Trying.” An incredible woman dedicated this post to me called, “Dear Jessie” after reading my story “Kidnapped” and I’d like to share how it has affected me. Dear Jessie Kidnapped To Jessie Jeanine Silenced by the struggle, determination, hate, love, fight and courage all rolled into […]

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A Single Ember ~ Ignite the Glow

January 5, 2014


A Single Ember - Ignite the Glow

While yesterday’s post needs no elaboration, I might share how the story affects me and why it will always be special. By the time you get to the end of that story (A Single Ember) know that is how I have felt for awhile now. I raised my girl going to church and volunteering at […]

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Secret Santa!

December 22, 2013


secret santa

A Christmas Challenge: Pay for someone else’s purchases somewhere. I’m not kidding! If you’ve never been someone’s Secret Santa before you’re missing out on a special opportunity. I usually do this a couple of times a month in some way, shape or form. It’s like a ministry or part of the way I tithe (after […]

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