November 21, 2011

A Quest For Truth


Life feels rather chaotic
Moving faster than it seems,
So much time is wasted
On insignificant things.

Many hours I’m awake
So few I ever sleep,
It’s difficult applying energy
Where it needs to be.

I am not a lazy person
As I never stop to rest,
Time management is an issue
That soon I must address.

Too much is left undone
At the end of every day,
I wonder what’s rewarding
As I stop briefly to pray.

More time I want to study
And be a student of His word,
That is my greatest interest
While I’m here on earth.

More time I want to enjoy my child
To laugh and play and dance,
More time to teach her everything
Before she leaves her nest.

More time I want to help others
And use my gifts for Him,
To be a light or a ray of hope
Because I come from where they’ve been.

More time I want to spend with friends
For they become my family,
More time to laugh, to talk and cry
To create bonds ever lasting.

This is what I value most
This is what fulfills me,
Not the thousand endless deeds
That weigh me down repeatedly.

I need not wonder in the night
Why I’m left so empty,
For too much time is being wasted
On things much less rewarding.


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