Fear the Darkness. Fear the Light.

November 21, 2011

A Quest For Truth

I slide into the darkness.
It is ruthless. It won’t let go.
A constant threat.
To swallow me whole.

I want to be free. To love and dream.
It’s not as it seems. Life escapes me.
Bondage enslaves me. Feelings drown me.
A river of tears. A life of fears.
I wonder who I am. I am lost here.

I slip into the unknown.
Sad. Depressed. Alone.
I need support. Encouragement.
A shoulder to cry on. Someone to lean on.

Beyond the darkness shines a light.
Truth. Love. Hope.
The power to restore my soul.
So close. So far away.

My vision is clouded. I am blind.

Trapped in a circle. No way out.
Around and around. Confusion no doubt.
I am incomplete. No peace of mind.
I search my soul for truth. My heart for love.
It is elusive. What am I afraid of?

My hand reaches out. A desperate attempt.
My world feels shattered. I hate how life is.
No understanding. What lies ahead.
The pit of darkness? Or the light of hope?
Was I born a blessing? Or a joke?


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