November 22, 2011

A Quest For Truth

Many possessions I have acquired
Collecting things in life, I have aspired.
I use to think I was not materialistic
But the fruit of my life proves to be different.

The Fathers love was foreign to me
As I loved the world and the things it gave me.
An attempt to replace my pain and loneliness
An attempt to fulfill the void and emptiness.
An attempt to give and receive love (my soul’s true desire)
An attempt to avoid submission and all He required.

Sadly, it started with my own family
I realize now the effect it has had on me.
I learned the wrong ways to be fulfilled and loved
It became an addiction, I am not proud of.
If I could not have their acceptance or love
I would cling to their things and feel a part of.

In my attempt not to be materialistic
I recycled possessions, but only for profit.
And never would I let them go
Until I replaced just as much as I sold.

All of these possessions are now a frustration
As I have been praying for Gods revelation.
“Please, strip my life of everything separating me from Your word.”
He shows me all of these things are a weight and hinder my growth.

My Fathers love I am finally finding
I fear not simplicity, it is warm and inviting.
There must be room for my heart to grow
I welcome these changes as he cleanses my soul.

I believe God blesses us so we may bless others –
It is my final motivation as I give these things
Without replacement or profit.

How could He ever bestow on me more
If I am not faithful with what is stored.

Into this world I came with nothing
And so must I leave it.
My faith, hope and love are contained in my soul
This is my eternal value and what makes me whole.

May I give and receive love between myself, God and others
For God can replace things, but if I love things, I could lose others.

(Written after feeling convicted of the “pack rat” syndrome.)


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