The Church and The World

November 24, 2011

A Quest For Truth

The Church and the world walked far apart
Though, shared the same moment in time.
The world called, “Flirt” reached out his hand
To tempt the Church divine.

“I’ve noticed you,” he gently said
“Your robes so white and clean.
Come take my hand, be my Queen
I promise to give you everything.”

He admired how fair and lovely she was
So different from all the rest.
“I’m not as bad as people think,” and
He would persist with compliments.

“I love your virtues and your grace
They surely catch my eye.
Now let me show you freedom, dear
But, without rules in which to comply.”

The silly Church – she lost her head!
And she was overcome. He was clever
And promised, “to love forever”
She believed his deception and lies.

And now she acts about like him
She smokes and drinks and swears.
She’ll tell a lie without a thought
She’s promiscuous and doesn’t care.

Now she is desensitized to what is evil
She accepts all of this as the norm.
She no longer fears the final judgment
Salvation is something forlorn.

It’s sad to think, but fearfully true
Her white robe is spotted and stained.
Now if Christ should come back during this time
Would He accept her as His own… or cast her far away?

Church awaken! Repent while there’s time
For an eternity you’ll reap what you sow.
You can inherit the Kingdom of Heaven or
To fire and brimstone, with your lover you’ll go
As Christ proclaims, “Depart from me – you are not my own!”

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