Eloquent Preacher

November 25, 2011

A Quest For Truth, Soul Seeds

Eloquent words may roll and flow
Off your tongue and soothe our souls
And famously known you may be
A great entertainer for all to see.

But if our souls you aim to reach
Our lives you seek to help us change
More than words you need to preach
Faith in action we believe.

Your life is for the public view
We may measure Christ by you
More than words your actions prove
What you think and believe is true.

Eloquent preacher, I wish not to stray
Show me you’re different so I will stay
May the fruits of your life portray every day
The lessons you teach us every Sunday!

Soul Seeds…

May it be understood that I personally do not believe any of us should follow the example of just one preacher or teacher. 1 Peter 2 speaks of how ALL believers are a holy and royal priesthood. As Christians, may we mutually edify one another and may each of us make a fine teacher by practicing what we preach.

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