Faith As A Choice?

December 14, 2011

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The topic of faith has come up to me so many times this past week, I feel it deserves a few words. Most often I am asked, or the thoughts pondered around are, “How could you still have faith after all you’ve been through?”

Let me tell you, there was a time when I was younger that I blamed God for everything. I never understood how a loving God could allow such evil to exist. If He really love me, then why wouldn’t He protect me? If He was all knowing and powerful, then why didn’t He do something to help? It has taken many, many trials for me to begin to understand any of this.

I am not any different than you, my friend. We each have our stories to tell and while our paths or struggles may be different, pain is pain and we can relate.

To have faith or to love is a choice. To forgive is a choice. I might not always feel like loving, forgiving or having faith, but I choose to because God asks me to and I choose to believe God’s Word over man’s. It has taken most of my life to understand this, because I grew up thinking my feelings should dictate my actions or that they were one in the same,  but they most certainly are not. God didn’t do these things to me ~ man did. Man made a choice to treat me this way. I then have choice in how I respond.

God doesn’t ask me to feel a certain way. He asks me instead to trust Him and choose to act a certain way (regardless of my feelings) because that’s what grace, mercy and forgiveness are all about. Those things are undeserved gifts, so they require a choice to give and to receive.

My feelings will waiver according to circumstance ~
ay I not allow my faith to do the same!

Soul Seeds…

Finally, I believe the greatest gift God gave us is our freewill. He cannot contradict Himself so He will never make any of us do something that is against our will, and at the end of the day… I am most grateful for this gift. I rest in mind and soul with complete assurance that my relationship with Jesus is purely my choice and of my heart. It is a two way street, a real relationship, and I am NOT a mere puppet who’s Master controls her by a set of strings!

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23 Comments on “Faith As A Choice?”

  1. flyaway16 Says:

    thank you it’s amazing to know this truth


  2. worshipandswag Says:

    I think when we accept Christ as our Lord and savior, we agree to carry that cross with Him (even though His yoke is light) and we must not deny Him. The ultimate test of our faith comes when we face challenges. Are we gonna put the Lord to shame and succumb to our challenges or are we gonna keep pressing on? I admire your faith…you remind me of Job :)


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      You humble me greatly and I really appreciate your comment ~ that’s what it kind of boils down to I believe. I’ve written a few different poems on these exact ideas even. And the Book of Job happens to be one of my favorites… he and I go way back :) Blessings!


  3. granbee Says:

    Jessie J., you are SO correct. Loving, believing, following are not FEELINGS: they are decisions! Feelings are a God-given part of the human experience. They are needed to round out, to flesh out, the bones of our decisions. But we will not have the necessary fuel, the energy source, to flesh out those bones without His love and guidance. Blessings on you for post today, especially.


  4. effortlesslyperfect Says:

    Great post! Thanks for sharing. I am really struggling with feelings, actions, and faith right now. Your comment regarding separating your feelings and actions was powerful for me. I am currently acting on my feelings, instead of trusting God and acting in the way I know I should. Great message!


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Thank you and for your honesty as well :) The more I’ve understood this, the more it has helped me to ~ it is powerful. Once I really began to grab a hold of it, it became very liberating (freeing.) So many prayers and encouragement to you, friend that it may stay with you daily!


  5. jelillie Says:

    Good thoughts Jessie! You are so right faith and love are not feelings. They are decisions/ lifestyles and if we live by them then good feelings are the result. We get that backwards so many times.


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Agreed my friend and well said! It needs to become a new way of thinking – a new habit if you will. I find almost all the time the feelings will follow the decision like you said.

      An example a lot of us might relate to at one time or another is – I might not actually feel like going to church, but once I’m there I’m glad I went and I’m blessed. Thanks so much!


  6. Eugene Adkins Says:

    “My feelings will waiver according to circumstance ~
    May I not allow my faith to do the same!”

    There should be little lights and sirens going off around that quote :)

    Proverbs 3:5,6 is where the foundation for a quote like that comes from and for the rest of what you said actually. It’s not always an easy verse to appreaciate but nontheless it provides great light when it comes to our emotions vs. God’s directions.

    Enjoyed the read Jessie. Take care.


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Lights and sirens, huh… LOVE IT! I couldn’t agree with you more! :)

      Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths. (Pro 3:5-6)

      How wonderful and thank you so much for sharing these verses and tying it together so beautifully :) Many blessings!


  7. Bernadette Says:

    Hi There,

    What a lovely post, I feel so inspired having read this. We dont always feel like having faith or acting in a certain way, and sometimes it is very hard but I feel that with time it will become easier, its just a matter of focussing on God and making sure that we work hard at becoming what he wants us to be.

    I still struggle with faith but if i compare today to two days ago or 2 months ago or even 2 years ago my faith is stronger than it was before.


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Its such an honor to hear about when someone is inspired, so thank you! I agree, it does become easier, because it’s learning a new way of thinking (allowing the old man to die) and forming new habits and responses. There will always be different aspects each of us struggles with in this lifetime, but thank goodness for His mercy, grace and forgiveness when we fall short in our efforts! I appreciate your thoughts and your faith ~ be blessed!


  8. byhisgrace211 Says:

    My feelings often dictated my actions too. One thing I have learned these past 2 years of really studying God’s Word and seeking Truth is that just because I feel a certain way, doesn’t mean it is true! And do you know that our feelings and our actions all started with a thought? So you are spot-on when you talk about choosing to love, choosing to believe. We can also choose to be peaceful even though we may “feel” anxious. We can even choose our thoughts. I use to hate that I had free will because I always seemed to make the wrong choices. So when you say free will is a gift, it puts a different perspective on it. Thank you for a great post!


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      So right my friend. There are days when I wake up and just have to choose to believe what I already know in my heart to be true, because Satan is trying his best to tear me down emotionally.

      “And do you know that our feelings and our actions all started with a thought?” Beautifully said Michele and I agree. Actually I love the way you’ve worded this so much I’ve added it to my quotes surrounding my work area! Glad to give you a different perspective to ponder on as well :) Blessings!


  9. Amanda Beth Says:

    Great message! Though sometimes I wish God would control me, so I wouldn’t mess up so often, I am glad He’s given me a choice.

    (please forgive me, as I have deleted a personal message here) My blog is and my author website is Feel free to contact me any time.

    God bless you on your journey to publishing:)


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Hello Amanda and I’m so pleased to see you here! I’ll be in touch with an explanation and pass along your endearing message to our friend, if that’s OK :)

      Your comment makes me laugh, because I’ve often thought the exact same thing! Then, I usually find there was a lesson involved ~ how wise and wonderful our Father is :) Many blessings to you Amanda and congratulations on your new book. I can’t wait to talk!


  10. poeticjourney Says:

    Love the post, I use to have trouble with FAITH, but did some serious thinking and talking with GOD! No matter how peeps treat me or take me thru whatever. I have learn to keep the FAITH. I bn thru to much, coulda bn dead in my grave. Nothing but the MERCY OF GOD! FAITH keeps me going! God Bless U:)


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      My beautiful sister… KEEP THE FAITH! I could have, should have been too my dear friend, many times over actually. It is ALL about God and those who aren’t supportive in your walk and edifying you/encouraging you along the way have no place around you. Love your heart dearest and continued prayers for your health. ❤HUGS



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