A Voice

December 17, 2011

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Who will be a voice for the victims?

For the baby who is abandoned
Forsaken for no reason.
For the child who is abused
Beaten and bruised.
For the girl who is molested
And feels ashamed.
For the boy who is hated
Denied and rejected.
For the woman who is raped
And carries the blame.
For the man who is murdered
Without comprehension.

Someone has to be
A voice for the victims,
For theirs has been stolen
Along with their innocence.

As Christians, are we not a voice for Jesus Christ
Our innocent Savior whom we crucified?
Did He not come for those like Him
Lambs to the slaughter, victims of bloodshed?

As a personal choice
I will be a voice for the victims.
For, I am a survivor
And a Christian!

Too often I witness victims who are determined to become survivors by speaking out only to receive an unfavorable response from others once they do. More often than not, they are victimized all over again by the public and their loved ones instead of receiving the support they need. It’s as if people think the victim could have done something to prevent it, like it must be their fault in some way and surely they deserved it or perhaps they are just ignored all together, as if they have contracted some horribly contagious disease. It is no wonder victims fear speaking up!

How about you? After hearing someone’s testimony of survival, have you ever responded this way towards them, whether intentional or not? What I most often hear from people is that they just don’t know how to respond to a victim, because they’ve never been through anything like that so they think they can’t relate. This is where I wish to challenge your thinking, because pain is pain and love is love. We can all relate on that level. Let us not add anymore condemnation to the cross they bear, but rather show them they are not alone.

A survivor who speaks out simply seeks to be heard and acknowledged, as a way to validate and make sense of what they have been through. They need and are forever seeking something greater than themselves to love, because of the internal emptiness that being victimized brings. Their hearts’ true desire is simply to be accepted and loved, despite the circumstances in which they have lived. Is this not a common need, internal instinct and cry that most of us have regardless of where we come from or what we have been through?

Soul Seeds…

As Christians, our behaviors and actions speak volumes to victims (and the rest of the world!) If we are a model of Christ, as we should be, then they will be able to witness His love through us. They will know that they truly are accepted, not only in our eyes, but also in the eyes of Christ. Remember, a victim’s mentality is often already one of shame and guilt, as illogical as it may seem. Too many are convinced that they were victimized, because they are unacceptable, disposable or unlovable in some way. As Christians, is it not our responsibility to show them otherwise? 

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19 Comments on “A Voice”

  1. Subhan Zein Says:

    Very well written! Well done on this! ;-)

    Subhan Zein


  2. Bernadette Says:

    Hello There,

    I have nominated you for the 7×7 award you can have a look on my page thank you.


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Oh my goodness! Thank you so much Bernadette and once again I am humbled. What a wonderful Christmas gift it has been to be recognized so much this time of the year and I’m very grateful to everyone! Please allow me time to respond as this is the 3rd award I’ve received in the last couple of days and it’ll take some time to find my own nominations, as it seems most of my blogging friends have already received them :) I graciously accept this award Bernadette and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas my friend!


  3. Brush Arbors Says:

    Wonderful post Jessie… Blessings.. Bro Pat


  4. worshipandswag Says:

    Great post! You see this world has become one in which people would rather say popular things than say the right things. Others are afraid their friends are going to desert them. To some, its about being too careful not to be accused of judging others (so they keep quiet when they see injustice). We need to listen to every cry. There’s no “better pain” or “worse pain.” Pain is pain and we all feel it! Wow, such an intense message…about to get me all serious. Lol :)


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      LOVE your heart and the wisdom in your words my friend ~ I agree! It would be an honor to stand by your side and “get all serious” any day (always remember that and know that I’m completely serious!) Many blessings and happy holidays to you.


  5. The Bible Man Says:

    I used to be so guilty of this. I am a 7th dan black belt and I used to have it in my head that NOBODY needs to be a victim. Then I started teaching anti rape/ anti assault self defense courses to abused women. I learned I could teach them HOW to defend themselves, but I could not teach them HOW not to be afraid. This greatly opened my eyes to understanding the emotional and mental aspects of abuse. I am now much more understanding and compassionate. Great eye opening post.


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      I really appreciate your candor here. I believe fear can be the most paralyzing emotion there is. For years growing up I even hated and thought of myself as being weak for being a victim ~ imagine that! Then I realized I can’t ever fully control whether or not I’m a victim again, because I can’t control others or circumstances around me (stuff’s just going to happen sometimes.) But, I also learned how I could protect myself physically to the best of my ability and how I could, in turn, use any fear or anger I felt in a positive way against my attacker and to fuel my voice and speak up for others. The “victim mentality” is a tough one to overcome and that’s where the fear stems from ~ it is about feeling completely powerless physically and/or emotionally. We have to learn how to take that power back by holding every thought captive and by choosing to believe what God says about us and not what the abuser has pounded into us. It has taken a life time, but even if I’m to be overcome ever again physically, I know that it does not mean I am powerless or weak and I refuse to carry anymore guilt or think of myself as any less! It is also just as courageous of you to be willing to learn about it through the eyes of the victim, so thank you :)

      Hmm… I got on a roll! Obviously this is a subject I’m very passionate about so I suppose it means I should do more related posts on this subject :)


  6. granbee Says:

    Indeed, Jessie J., we are the ONLY scripture many of these folks will read. Yes, we just be voices for these victims. We must refuse to be ignored when speaking on their behalf!


  7. tsizzles Says:

    Very beautiful JJ. Well done!


  8. lscotthoughts Says:

    A beautiful and powerful declaration!


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