Happy Mother’s Day

May 13, 2012


…to all the beautiful and loving women out there who are mothers… and to those who play that special role in the lives of us who may not have a relationship with our own biological mom, thank you for accepting us and showing us what being a mom looks like… to those incredible women who are as motherly to the children of others as you are to your own… we love you… 

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6 Comments on “Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. terri0729 Says:

    Jessie! I miss you and just wanted to check in on you!!! I pray that you are okay. love ya, Terri


  2. Francina Says:

    Hope all is well with you, did not see you around lately. Ciao, Francina


  3. poeticjourney Says:

    Such a beautiful message to share to all the mothers, I do hope you had a lovely Mothers Day and all is well with you! God Bless :)


  4. Francina Says:

    I hope your Mother’s was as wonderful as these thoughts…
    Ciao, Francina xxx


  5. granbee Says:

    And I know your gorgeous, brilliant daughter feels exactly like this about you, dear JessieJ: so blessed are you in that dear girl! I hope you had a gloriouly love-filled Mother’s Day!


  6. Wendell A. Brown AKA The Brown One Poet Says:

    Jessie, Amen to the magic of all your lovely words! Happy Mother’s Day to you my sister…enjoy your day!


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