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“My Refuge”

December 19, 2012


God is my rock.

Heavenly Father, may I not complain For You are my rock and my fortress “My strong refuge, all the same. In my greatest despair, in a world so unfair You are my only hope, a constant always near. Out of my sorrow and tears, my heartache and pain You are my happiness and joy, understanding […]

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No One

December 19, 2012



I am no one Just forget me We never met So, no regrets. I must have had No effect So heart and soul Won’t conflict. Say goodbye I won’t cry We have no time So you decide. I’ll see you on The other side Oh, no – wait! It’s judgment time. May God forgive Not […]

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I Search for the Garden Alone

December 18, 2012

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I search for the garden alone In a world full of pain and woe. For I cannot believe and I certainly fear This life is all I will know. I have realized through much despair This world is temporal, vain and bare. I’ve tried everything here, to replace my fear But inside I’m still void […]

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Teach Me, Lord

December 8, 2012


Teach Me, Lord

Teach me to walk slower, Lord So that I may truly see All of the wonderful treasures You have given me. Teach me to take the time, Lord To stop and smell the flowers For, I can never rewind my life Or relive the hurried hours. Teach me to think before I speak, Lord Lest, […]

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Born Void… is the psychopath next door

December 6, 2012



Sorrow I feel that you will never know The deeply affective states which move our souls Those extraordinary moments which are born everyday Derived from the tragedies and triumphs that come our way. Each of them treasured and weighed with great measure As we distinguish between them, anguish and pleasure They help us decide our […]

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As If Being Abused Isn’t Enough

December 4, 2012


self esteem

…we abuse ourselves. Why did I continue to seek love and approval from family members and partners who treated me so bad? It has taken me a long time to understand, because it’s not as if the opinions of people like that should even matter. Why would I care about what someone with no morals […]

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“The One You Feed…”

December 3, 2012


Abrianna Kate

 I absolutely LOVE this! Please visit my daughter’s blog “Embrace You” to read her quote of the day, “The One You Feed…”.

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