“My Refuge”

December 19, 2012

A Quest For Truth

Heavenly Father, may I not complain
For You are my rock and my fortress
“My strong refuge, all the same.

In my greatest despair, in a world so unfair
You are my only hope, a constant always near.

Out of my sorrow and tears, my heartache and pain
You are my happiness and joy, understanding is not void.

In the deepest darkness I have ever known
You are my light, forever shining through the night.

When I am alone – all I know is finally gone
Only to You do I turn, You are my comfort and my song.

If ever I fear, may I know You are here
You are my God of strength and my shield unveiled.

In the turmoil I face, my soul twisted with agony
You are my peace and contentment, the good within tragedy.

Heavenly Father, may I not complain
For it is through my weaknesses
That great glory comes to Your name.

(Psalm 71:3 paraphrased)

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5 Comments on ““My Refuge””

  1. Treasures of Hope Says:

    Beautiful! Spoken from the heart of a true believer!


  2. Kim Says:

    Hi Jessie……thanks for stopping by “unwalled”…….happy that my last two post were a blessing to you. You are doing a wonderful thing with your blog………may God bless your efforts to touch other victims and survivors of abuse………Shalom!…..Kim


  3. Rick Stassi Says:

    Praying to our Lord for release. Be anointed anew today. Each verse above is a prayer. We seek our weaknesses and before we give in to them, we must seek God. The poem demonstrates this. Know that all refuge is in God. I pray the best for you. Always seek God.



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    […] not have survived thus far, living with that approach or mentality. God, who is my strength and fortress is how I’ve survived it ~ by choosing to hold tight to His perspectives, as best I can, and […]

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