Mahalo Hawaii!

September 8, 2013

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So, this marks the end of our Hawaiian journey… at least for now as we move back to the mainland. We spent almost two months on the islands and it’s a time I will never forget for many different reasons.


Hawaii “The Land of Paradise” as it’s often called, really does have something unique to offer those who are blessed enough to grace it’s islands. In many ways it really is a magical place and you can’t help but be changed when you leave. Of course, it is just like anywhere else in the world where both good and bad exist. I think sometimes we can have an idea of what “paradise” is, but it may not always be very realistic.

We were very fortunate to experience the magic and wonder, which does indeed exist, but we also experienced some negative things like prejudice. Each island is different having it’s own vibe as well, so we enjoyed some more than others, but I believe that’s more of a personal preference.


One of the most enlightening days I had there was upon leaving the island of Maui. I met a gentleman who not only impressed and intrigued, but seemed to be full of the Spirit as well. We were sharing a bit about our experiences, because he too had made the permanent move to the islands with his entire family many years ago from the mainland. He was very kind and gracious with his words. I shared how I had come there to sit on the beach and write my book, a real life cliche! But then how and why I needed to leave that dream behind for now and what some of the struggles were.

This man says to me, a perfect stranger no less, that he was surprised I was leaving already. He said, because I seemed like such a go-getter, unafraid, etc. That made everything inside of me stop and be still. It helped me remember what the dream was really about to begin with and enables me to leave the island with a different perspective.

I have always been full of fire and flame, ready to conquer the world and push through anything. I KNOW I am extremely tenacious and persistent. Even though I have felt like giving up at times, in truth, I don’t really know what that means. I am a strong and faithful woman! Choosing to leave the islands does not mean that I failed. It just might mean that I was chasing a part of the dream which God isn’t intending for me yet… or maybe ever! Maybe it was only MY dream and not HIS. I believe there are reasons things turned out this way and I also believe HIS plans are probably a whole lot better than my own are, so I need to trust Him again.

Ahhh… such sweet reminders!

The reason behind sharing this is because it is helping me to get focused on what the core of the dream is again – it has always been about helping others! That’s why I have this story and I believe it’s how God has used and will continue to use all I have been through. Our trials and tribulations really are for others and if we pay close enough attention they will bring us closer to Him as well.

Soul Seeds…

It doesn’t matter “where” I write from or “where” I speak and I can certainly take pictures living just about anywhere too. I think I’m realizing that I have already been given the dream (AND my heart’s greatest desire – to be a mom!)… all I have to do is just keep living it and sharing it with everyone! :)

So, Mahalo Hawaii and our island uncle :) I graciously thank you for what I am able to take with me, because these sweet reminders are the real treasures of my heart.

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4 Comments on “Mahalo Hawaii!”

  1. joseph elon lillie Says:

    It is true Jessie often what we think of as the end of our dreams are nothing more than turns in the road that lead us further onward towards the prize. God alone understands the road map. We can only follow Him and His promise that He works all things together for good! I look forward to reading about the next leg of your sojourn.


  2. billgncs Says:

    safe journeys, may you find a desk and table where-ever you are when you decide to write.



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