What Inspires You?

September 10, 2013

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Please help me out friends…

I’m not sure I understand why people have been saying these few posts are inspiring…? Here I’ve been afraid to post such things, because I thought they were anything BUT that! Maybe my idea of inspiration isn’t what it should or could be then. I’ve always thought for something to be inspiring to others, it needed to show the struggle AND the positive outcome. I have thought others not only had to see the struggle, but understand why and know that it was ALREADY overcome. It’s another reason I’ve thought things needed to be wrapped up into some neat and tidy package, bow adorned and all, before it gets deliver it to the world. Is that not the case? How do you define inspiration? Or…

“What Inspires You?”

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13 Comments on “What Inspires You?”

  1. Lucas J. Draeger Says:

    I am inspired when I see people in their trueness, when they are not trying to impress or be someone they wish they were or think they’re expected to be. It doesn’t happen often. When it does, it’s glorious.


  2. Cherilyn Clough Says:

    Most people have a story that’s inspiring, but they are often afraid to tell it because they feel shame or despair when they have not accomplished what they planned. We always crave more stories. stories connect our humanity and give us hope that we are not alone. Our stories don’t have to be finished to tell a part of it. Putting a bow on it might actually make it seem less authentic. We are all in process and life is not about the destination, but the journey.


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      I believe you’ve nailed it from start to finish ~ beautifully spoken :) The beginning of this is exactly how I’ve been feeling and I can’t believe the courage and strength it takes to push through those barriers! It makes all the difference having support and encouragement though so THANK YOU!


  3. janahagan Says:

    I think people want to hear positive stories, yes, but most people want to hear that they are not the only one with struggles. That means they are not alone, and if we can see someone else struggling, then it is ok for us to struggle. We know life is not easy, so it is actually refreshing. Love you Jessie!


  4. JJBollOX Says:

    What inspires? Me, personally? That the things that do may not do so for another. More so, that once in a while that the things that do inspire me also have a similar effect on another or, heaven forbid, others.. It inspires me that somebody may ‘like’ something I have written or photographed or done. It inspires me that I may share in somebody else’s inspiration. I am inspired that in the face of adversity we may all take that experience and find, even share our ideology through it. That through exposure and conflict and loss we all have something to share of a better world. These things and so many more are truly inspirational. Thank YOU for your contribution :-) Ox


  5. spiritministries Says:

    Unique, just as we are. God bless you Jessie.


  6. billgncs Says:

    in a superficial world, sincerity inspires


    • Brian Says:

      Agree! Just being transparent, writing about difficult things instead of making everything look all hunky dory, and having the courage to share stories that are no doubt painful…all of that qualifies as inspiring to me.


      • Jessie Jeanine Says:

        “Sincerity and transparency…” agreed gentlemen. Although this risk can make us most uncomfortable in our own flesh, it seems to do the Spirit good. It’s how I’ve always been in person and as a poet so I suppose it shouldn’t be any different when I journal to the world :)


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