When Accidents Become Blessings

October 8, 2013

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We have been traveling across country again on our way back to Colorado. Living out of hotels, fast food, cramped bodies and miles upon miles of scenery. I don’t mind any of it (ok, maybe the cheap beds) but I love road trips and you just never know what might happen along the way!

Time To Go!

This morning, bright and early, as we were loading the car to hit the road once again, my daughter calls me on the cell. “Mom, I locked our keys in the car.” Upon approaching her in the parking lot, her face just fell. That look as always, tugged on my heart-strings. “It’s OK hun. Accidents happen.”

It seems our entire set of keys (with both remotes mind you) were locked inside the trunk and of course, this car doesn’t have a trunk release button anywhere either.

I locked my keys in the car!

It’s a smaller sports vehicle I bought in Hawaii, made in the UK, has been repossessed and sold at police auctions twice, is jacked up with all kinds of electronics and gadgets the dealer and auto mechanics can’t even explain, and has windows tinted as black as night with a paint job to match (which happens to be illegal as well.) Besides it being on the hit list as suspected vehicles for law enforcement to pull over “just for the hell of it” and looking like it belonged to ‘The Cartel Family’ it’s a fun car to drive and play around with – lol! (I actually only bought it as an island car, and would have never purchased it for the mainland here, but it’s mine for now.) Anyways…

Locksmith Anyone?

After several failed attempts to pick the trunk lock using tools of improvision handed me by one amused hotel manager, I finally conceded and called a lock smith. I’m a very budget minded person so I thought I’d call around first to find the best price. Well… no need for that, as we were in the middle of nowhere where the only locksmith must be making a killing with his business. I grumbled thinking… great, this guy can charge me whatever he wants and I’m going to have to pay it.

Meanwhile, our little mishap seemed to be drawing a crowd. I supposed it was about the most exciting thing to happen around there in awhile – lol! People were very friendly and genuinely concerned although, it really wasn’t that big a deal. My girl chalked it up as her “blonde moment of the day.”

Don't blame me, I'm having a blonde moment!

I didn’t realize I had been grumbling out loud a bit though while waiting for the locksmith to arrive. I really was expecting to be taken advantage of, because of past experiences. This is a common complaint, as we all know, of single ladies in need of an auto mechanic or similar services.

When Accidents Become Blessings 

By this time, most people had come and gone, but one gentleman remained. We didn’t even talk much, but I noticed him kind of watching quietly the whole time. When the locksmith pulls up, this man suddenly hands me a small stack of twenties and says he hopes it helps us some. My jaw dropped open. I know I tried to say something, but closed my mouth again. After yet another failed attempt, he simply gave his reassurance, jumped in his car and left. I sincerely hope he saw my smile in his review mirror as the tears quickly sprung forth and down my cheeks.

twenty dollar bills

There were two locksmiths and we began to talk as they tried to figure out the best way of entry. Soon we found common ground and I could tell these were good, honest people. I no longer worried about some guys trying to take advantage of a woman. In fact, as they had witnessed the quiet stranger hand me money, when I asked what I owed them (keys in hand a short time later) I was only asked for a mere fraction of what the estimated quote was. Again, the tears flowed with simple gratitude.

Soul Seeds

It’s no doubt our life experiences shape our perspectives. But, we might be careful not to let our past taint our future with too much negativity. That’s what Satan wants – to instill fear, doubt and worry. Today’s incident reminded me that things like this actually happen to us quite a bit. Maybe it’s part of why I should be blogging about them more. It isn’t about complaining of all life’s problems – it’s about sharing the blessings that come out of those situations. Rather than write to focus on the problems, I wish to focus on the blessings, because if it gives me hope, then it will probably offer you hope as well.


Just as there may be people in your life causing problems or chaos, God will place others in your life to show you that good still exist as well. Because this mishap happened, it gave Him the opportunity to bless us. It wouldn’t matter if it were $10 or $100 or $1000, my tears of gratitude are the same. It doesn’t matter if kindness comes in the form of provisions, emotional support or a much needed hug – my gratitude is the same. After both losing and surviving so much in life, and enduring one hardship after another (no different than anyone else) it is things like this that still give me hope. It’s as if God is saying, “See my child… I am still here. I love you and I will always take care of you. There is still good to be found in this world and in my people.”

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4 Comments on “When Accidents Become Blessings”

  1. Terra Says:

    This is wonderful and encouraging! God bless you for sharing this. It takes me down memory lane when didn’t see hope in men in general because I had been emotionally hurt over the years when I was younger just as well as when I had broken relationships with females as close friends. God restores hope and faith! Praise His name!


  2. janahagan Says:

    God has angels watching over us everywhere. No doubt they were with you today! Be safe!



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