When Gratitude Doesn’t Seem Like Enough

October 14, 2013

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We have been so fortunate to make friends all across the country over the past few years. Some people have come into our lives for only a brief period of time, while others have developed into lasting friendships. I pray those friendships continue to strengthen and may I remember the brief ones for just as long.

While I have (easily) written about the kindness of strangers, I must share how we continue to be incredibly blessed in other ways as well. Ways which are undoubtedly the most important. You see, our journeys have allowed us to meet the most amazing and beautiful people from all walks of life. It is those people specifically who are the heart of this journey. People who have played an instrumental part (no matter how big or how small) in shaping who we are as individuals. Those individuals, whom God has used to touch our hearts, are the greatest treasures we have found.

The greatest blessing of our journey has been YOU!

So, for those of you who have helped us in some way…
For those who have given their time, energy and friendship…
For those who have been trusted as confidants, lending an ear or a shoulder to cry on…
For those who have helped us ‘stop and smell the roses” along the path of the beaten trail,
reminding us of the laughter and joy each day holds if we will only take the time to seek it out,
regardless of what our circumstances are…
For those who have shared their resources, pulling everyone together to make things happen…
For those who have believed, encouraged and supported me to continue telling His story…
For those who have truly embraced my daughter and I into your lives and homes,
making us a part of your family…
For those of you who have been a role model to my daughter…
For those I have had the privilege to meet and for those I have not…
Thank you. From the very depths of my soul, I say “thank you.”

For ALL of those who have helped us along this journey, you must know that the honor really has been ours!

Whether it’s provisional, relational or spiritual, my gratitude just doesn’t seem like it is enough. I don’t know how else to say or show it, and I feel like I will never be able to thank people enough. I worry posts like this are of little importance then and for fear of seeming inadequate in some way, perhaps I do not express enough gratitude, love, and joy for those things which really mean the most to me.

If you know me personally, then you know I am almost always brought to tears by feelings of thankfulness. I don’t cry over other things really, but I do quite a bit for the genuine kindness, care and love of people. Expressing gratitude is not something I have learned how to do well, so tears are about all that come out of me.

Simply, I am just not used to being around people who do kind things for one another out of the goodness of their heart plus, I tried to make sure I was never in need of anything myself (more about that later though). I know God is still working on my heart with this and, uncomfortable as it is, I pray He doesn’t stop.

My point being, if you have not known that this is how I really feel, then please forgive me as I am learning how to transform my tears into words. “I LOVE YOU ALL!” ღ

An Attitude of Gratitude

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12 Comments on “When Gratitude Doesn’t Seem Like Enough”

  1. Wendell A. Brown Says:

    The genuine love in your words that bring new life into each new day in someones world, Jessie is thanks enough. For all that you and yours have endured, you have not looked back but have kept moving forward favoring other lives with your sweet tenderness of soul and spirit. It is easy to embrace your heart, for just like our Lord came to serve freely, so you emulate that well in what you do always, And that is a very special joy that permeates my life when I read your words…that true gift of selfless giving. You are and will always be a true blessing! Hugs and smiles always along with heavenly embraces!


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      And the flood gates open…
      I love you Wendell, my brother in Christ. ♥
      Thank you for always being here!


    • Edward Baker III Says:

      Mr. Brown, you have a gift and insight that only comes from the Holy Spirit. I’m glad I didn’t post a comment, because I litterally could not have said it better. Thank you sir.


  2. Rick Stassi Says:

    It is a pleasure to pray and continue to lift you to God – and your daughter. We are taught to give to one another, the love in our hearts that is of God, It is His Spirit, and is His will. To give this to another is unconditional and a joy.

    I pray for you JJ

    That God always keeps His loving touch on you. That He cradles and holds you in His arms and reassures you all is well. He is our Father – our Father who loves us without end. HE wants to see His children love each other and be reminded He is not full of love, but He IS ‘LOVE’.

    Keep your focus upon He who gets your through each day and brings people into your life who shall show kindness, It is because we are family under One Father and loving and giving is easy with His love in our overwhelmed hearts,

    God bless you



    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Rick… you bring more tears to my eyes. It is our brothers and sisters in Christ (like you) who become our examples. Even though my daughter and I don’t have biological examples of what Godly love and relationships look like – we have them in Him. I am SO grateful we can find positive and encouraging role models regardless of where we come from. That’s what I appreciate most about the body of Christ – no matter where we go in this great big world, we always have family (the way our Father intended for us to have). Many blessings to you and your family Rick. Your support always means so much – thank you.


  3. billgncs Says:

    the golden rule — the best thing is you can go forth and do likewise. – bw



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