Blogging For Dollars!

October 15, 2013

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Blogging For Dollars!

I never thought I’d use a title like, “Blogging For Dollars!” but it seems appropriate. After all, it is a part of what I do. For almost 2 years I had a handful of regular supporters (people who made consistent monthly donations to this site) besides random gifts that would come in. But, then I couldn’t focus and blog regularly because I was caught up in an abusive relationship and had to get out. I couldn’t write about it though either, because of possible work with the DA. Naturally and understandably, if I’m not blogging then I’m not making money and this is how I support my daughter. So, as a single parent who is also on disability I have always felt very, very blessed to receive your support.

My friends… I am asking to build that up again, please.
I need your help to succeed and see this through.

Currently, know that I am able to focus on writing and poetry everyday again (ok, I need to focus on finding a place to live too!) But essentially, I will blog and take pictures while continuing to write the book again. I am a single woman trying to figure out who I am as a person and in Christ – not who someone else tells me I need to be, because of abuse or going undercover. I have finally been able to start sharing those things with you now. Therefore, I believe I am back into a position where I can ask for your financial support again.

Blogging For Dollars!

I am seeking people who believe in what I do, who want to see me finish writing this book, and who are interested in learning about what I’ve lived through for the sake of helping others. This isn’t something I just do on the side – it is my job and one which I can manage very well out of my home and on my own schedule. 

Tight BudgetRight now I am not in the most comfortable position financially. I have to secure us a place to live which requires a deposit, the car I just bought needs some work I didn’t know about plus we just had a window break, my daughter is ready to start college (she isn’t 18 yet though and can’t get student loans, so tuition needs to be paid up front) plus I still have some medical bills to pay off. I can focus on this site now and volunteering in shelters again, and I will share with you those things I get involved in (after all, it’s where so much of my poetry derives from too.)

Why would you help us by making a donation or by becoming a monthly contributor?

When you donate, you are supporting my efforts to tell His story. Hopefully, you find value in the writings and poems I share knowing how much it helps others (especially victims). While I can’t share personal emails I receive, you can find evidence of this throughout the comments to many of the posts.

*We ALL need the stories of survivors to give us hope and help for a better tomorrow. My site has become one of those free resources for everyone and I pray it continues to grow.

Please DonateRegarding donations, it isn’t not much different than supporting your favorite charity or fundraising event, except I don’t have a non-profit status yet to offer tax deductions. Or you might compare it to donating to a support group. The economy is a tough one for most of us so every little bit helps.

Whether you could give $10, $100 or $10,000 know that every single penny is appreciated and used well to provide transportation, food, a roof over our heads, and medical/dental insurance for myself and my daughter.

*I like best to compare your financial support to being an evangelist or missionary – I blog for Christ – it’s just a different way of doing it using social media. I also help and blog for victims of abuse (mostly domestic violence).

College Fund DonationConcerning my daughter, you are helping her continue her education. She worked very hard to graduate at age 16 and wishes to earn her degrees in criminal justice and become a detective. She’s very ambitious, smart and responsible – she’s always been a great kid. Unfortunately, she hasn’t had any family (beyond myself) or a father figure to help support her efforts and she deserves that chance.

So why would you give to this site?

Because pain is pain, and love is love
It doesn’t matter where you come from…
we can ALL relate on that level.

Also, please know that all your shares via social media and referrals are needed and appreciated just as much as any financial contributions, because the more readers and followers I have, the more support I gain. Thank you!

Blogging For Dollars!

*Please make contributions by using the donate button at the bottom of this site. You do not need a paypal account to do so, simply follow the instructions after you click on it :)

P.S. All these pieces that I have begun to share blogging will one day make sense. I realize not everyone will be able to follow or make sense of them yet, but that is why I’m writing a book. All of it will fit together in the end like a beautiful jigsaw puzzle.

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