Donation & Gift Ideas

October 16, 2013


This post is to answer some of the questions I’ve received since the previous, “Blogging For Dollars!”
I will share a bit more about where I am at financially and why.

When we lived in California, I had everything we needed to fill a two bedroom home comfortably. I had worked hard and saved, so we moved there with mostly brand new things although, not expensive. We had some extras too like a trampoline, bikes, camping equipment, etc.

Then I went through an abusive relationship and after being forced to relive the past in so many ways, I had just had it. I was so tired. I needed to escape and after moving around the country a bit again, I thought sitting on a beach in Hawaii to finish writing my book was the answer and a way to start over. My girl wanted to attend college there too, so I let go of pretty much everything I ever owned. We kept a few boxes of the things we most wanted, but were OK with letting the rest go.

Some friends helped us have a church sale one day and then I sold a few things on craigslist, but otherwise, I just started donating and giving everything away. I also ran out of time in being able to turn anymore profit before we left (timing school, tourist season, etc.) so I donated thousands of dollars in new furniture and equipment to Habitat for Humanity (between CA & NC.) I thought it would be a great way to bless others, because I felt so fortunate that we were going to go live out our dreams.

We even chose to let go of our pets, which was the most difficult. We had a 5 year old Shih-tzu and a 14 year old cat. They were our family and best buddies, because no matter what life brought our way, they were always the constant for us. So that was probably the most difficult thing we have had to do – ever! Also, it was extremely difficult to get them overseas and required another 3 month waiting period that we didn’t have. So, like the rest of our things, we had to find them new homes too. We’ve not worried though, feeling very blessed that they have wonderful new families they belong to now and are being very well loved and taken care of. Non the less, we miss them desperately!

So we let go of everything and moved to Hawaii – only to leave and return to the mainland two months later. I know… crazy! Who does that, right?! I hadn’t even visited there before and while we loved it, it wasn’t the best decision for us at the time. Plus, we had some other things happen too and it just didn’t seem like it was meant to be (more about that later.)

So, here we are in beautiful Colorado now so my daughter can go to college. While I’m concerned about living through winters again with the disabilities I have, we absolutely love it here and it has always felt like home (we lived here just a couple of years ago too.) But, as far as what we actually own now, we only have those boxes of things we kept and not even any pots or pans – lol! We don’t miss much and are fairly content, but there are certainly some necessities I need to replace asap like beds, dishes, winter gear, etc.

After talking with a friend, the idea of making a list came to mind that you may or may not wish to be  part of. Donations received are usually ‘general’ meaning, there typically isn’t any note or comment from the giver, other to send their best wishes or blessings maybe. I’d like to offer this list as an option as well though, because maybe you’d prefer to give for a specific reason instead, so you know better how funds are being used.

Here are some things we are in need of. If you would like to contribute to something specifically, you can write it in the comment line you’ll see once you go through the donation process with PayPal (btw, you don’t need to have a PayPal account to donate – they accept many forms of payment as you’ll see after you click on the donate button on the bottom of this site and follow the instructions.) If you designate a donation for a specific cause, I promise it will be used for such. Also, most donors wish to remain anonymous and I will always respect that however, I will gladly share some general outcomes of goals reached as things progress.


1.  Abrianna’s 1st year college tuition app. $2,000
2.  Security deposit/rent $2,400 max.
3.  Fix car (a set of new tires were already gifted) $400
4.  New website/web designer (so I can sell advertising space instead of what I used here) $500 min.
5.  Two new beds (the only items I wish not to purchase used) $1,000
6.  Indoor photo lens for wedding photography $450
7.  Winter gear (boots, hats, mittens, clothing, shovel, etc.)
8.  Past medical bills $400

People can give gift cards through Facebook, Amazon or a variety of other places as well and send via email. Please don’t contact me asking for an address or try sending us packages though. We can receive first class mail only (when a situation absolutely requires it, mostly just for legal reasons) but that is it. Our mail is re-routed through the Secretary of State for good reason – it is for everyone’s safety. So if you are trying to push beyond those boundaries, I will question your true intent and not be interested. Please respect this!

Ad Revenue?

If you noticed, I was running WordAds on this site previously trying to develop another source of revenue. But, the program wasn’t paying enough to be worth it and I had no control over the type of ads. It has been my wish from the beginning to create a website with a normal platform where I can sell my own advertising space instead, which will allow me full control over the content, placement and pricing. That is still my goal, but there is a start-up cost to develop the site.

Previous Businesses

I have had a few businesses in the past (besides working undercover) those being in private health care, housekeeping, gift baskets, and antiques/auctions. I always turned a profit within the first 3-6 months of start-up and did well. Plus, I flipped a couple of houses too. Unfortunately, I had to end each of those things in order to relocate and start over due to cases I got involved in.

To me, the start-up of almost any kind of business is easy though, so it never really bothered me. I seemed to have a natural knack for it. Doing this however, becoming an author and photographer, is SO much different! I may make a great PR (public relations) specialist for other causes (charities and fundraisers mostly) but I’m not the best at doing it for myself. It is just very, very different. I still believe it is time for this major life change though, and to tell this story in hopes of helping others, so I will not give up.

With Appreciation

These are just ideas, but the easiest way we can make use of your gifts is just by using PayPal. My daughter has a website and account of her own too if you’d rather give to her directly. Hopefully, I’ve answered all of your questions, but please feel free to contact me if you have anymore. THANK YOU!


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5 Comments on “Donation & Gift Ideas”

  1. billgncs Says:

    are you church members now ? (deleted to protect info.)


  2. janahagan Says:

    I have someone in my Community Group who designs websites. She may be able to help. Am more than happy to provide her email.


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