Grateful Living this Thanksgiving

November 28, 2013



I am more than grateful for the people in life who I will always call my family, even though they are not blood. I am grateful for our time, our stories, the laughter and the tears… I am extremely grateful for the genuine souls we get to share our hearts and lives with.

I am even grateful for all of my past experiences and my biological family (whom I essentially have no contact with) because it is ALL a part of the woman I am today. I wouldn’t be the person I am right now if it weren’t for all that.

As we express our gratitude, we must
never forget that the highest appreciation is
not to utter words, but to live by them.
~John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Grateful living is something we should practice everyday. What does it mean? I think it simply means that we give back to others. It means that what we have is always enough. We learn to be content with where we are regardless of the circumstances. It means we strive to live with a heart full of joy and undeniable passion. After all, what greater way for us to express and show gratitude for our blessings and the One who gives us life!

We make a living by what we get ~ We make a life by what we give.
~Winston Churchill

We may never realize how much we don’t need in our lives until we don’t have it, whether it be by choice or by force. As we chose to give up everything to move to the islands this year, the sacrifices seemed so much easier, because of the trade-off. It was much easier to let go of everything when I felt like I was getting to have my dream in return. Then we had to move back to the mainland, so now becomes the real test – trying to be just as content and joyful while starting all over with basically nothing.

Personally, I’ve been OK with the material side of it (except maybe for a bed, because of my health.) It is amazing what one accumulates and believes is necessity over the years! It is missing our pets and adjusting to the scenery and weather that I’ve struggled with, but I’m finally beginning to relax, accept and enjoy the beautiful place we’re in now.

So Thankful

That is what tests and trials do. They test our limits and will even encourage them (if we allow) in hopes that we continue to learn and grow. It is why I always try to view trials and mistakes as opportunities instead of failures – it is searching for the positive instead of the negative in any given situation.

Happy Thanksgiving

We have been very blessed and touched by all your donations during this Thanksgiving week. It has been such a pleasant and timely surprise :) Please know how much it is appreciated!

Now that we finally have a permanent residence again, we’ve been able to replenish some of those basic necessities like kitchen items, one bed thus far, both of us pillows and bedding, my daughter got some warmer clothes, boots and a winter jacket (she was also donated an “x” amount to purchase a new bike for Christmas!) etc. We’ve also been meeting some really great people and been given work. ALL of your support has been SO wonderful – in EVERY way! 

Happy Thanksgiving

I must share what I am most grateful for however… She is the greatest gift God could ever bestow upon me and I believe her to be my saving grace… my daughter. As I was searching through pics for this post, I found a couple she drew when she was 5 yrs. old that (with her permission) I am sharing, as they make a mother’s heart smile.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, especially all of you who we consider our family. We miss those of you who are far, sending our love and warm hugs, while cherishing the time we have with those of you who are near. Please be well and blessed this day. We love you!

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8 Comments on “Grateful Living this Thanksgiving”

  1. Anthony Baker Says:

    I’m thankful that you are able to be thankful. Your thankfulness is an encouragement to others.


  2. Writing to Freedom Says:

    Hi Jessie, Thanks for the link and connection. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Brad


  3. Jessie Jeanine Says:

    Thank you so much for the trackbacks! My name/blog is “Jessie Jeanine” (sp)



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