Thank You, Father

December 10, 2013

Inspiration, Soul Seeds

Thank you Father…

For allowing me the capacity to still be compassionate, loving and forgiving
even after all that has happened and all I have seen.

That I am still resilient and tenacious enough
to not lose my hope, faith or belief.
Not in You, not in others, nor in all that is good.

These attributes can only be Your spirit which resides in me.
Thank you Father.

Soul Seeds..

It’s amazing what fear can do to us if we let it.

It can paralyze you and make you forget all about your life’s dreams, aspirations and goals.  As a natural defense mechanism it can make you judge others like those of your past. That’s what fear does though. It robs us of our peace and trust until we doubt all that is good. Don’t let this happen – don’t let fear win the battle! It is absolutely necessary to keep your hope, faith and belief of all that is good in this life, alive.

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8 Comments on “Thank You, Father”

  1. Michael Summers Says:

    Thank you for your courage. It is easy to be paralyzed by fear and other triggers; hope seems distant when we look away from the source of hope.


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Agreed. Funny thing when you mention “triggers” here as well, because I’ve also been dealing with those as of late. I was aware that I still had two, but thought that was it. Perhaps it comes with feeling safer now and remembering where my source for all this really comes from.

      I appreciate your visit and have a wonderful holiday season!


  2. Rick Stassi Says:

    I am praying alongside you. I am praying for you to see all of God’s goodness in your life. He love you so much and has made a path for your life to walk forward – always seeking His abundant blessings and mysteries. All is beautiful through His word and His love. He watches your every move with loving eyes. Seek Him in faith and rest in that He knows you and has known you. I pray for your peace and comfort now. Peace and love in Jesus. -Rick


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Now I’ve got tears… thank you Rick. To see all of God’s goodness in my life… yes, I pray for that too. Not to be ungrateful, but it seems like there is so much good I could see still, instead of all the evil I have known. Yet, I feel selfish for thinking that at times – like it is greedy to wish and hope for such things after all this time.

      We had a few comments crossing so I’ll condense here :) In reference to everything shared, I feel like I’ve been walking in my own spirit for way too long again. It’s amazing how we can let everyday problems and even other people distract us from what is most important. It’s amazing how easy it can be for other people to tear us down too if we let them. That tells me my spiritual roots need to be stronger and that perhaps I was putting too much in ‘man’ again verses relying on God more. It’s time to find my way back home again!

      Hugs and gratitude my friend, as always!


      • Rick Stassi Says:

        Know the enemy wants you to focus on your past. An easy trap! You, however, are strong in Christ and you have the best God offers in your heart- Love through Jesus! Have a great Christmas season.

        Hugs and gratitude, definitely! as always :)


  3. billgncs Says:

    forgiving is the only way we can transcend our hurts. It is the noble way.



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