Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

December 20, 2013


With the last story being told in my previous post, I wish to express my thanks to everyone here once again. I am so very grateful for all the follows, likes and emails as I share this journey. Having your support and encouragement makes all the difference in the world – YOU inspire ME!

As promised and asked, here is a bit about finances again. Your donations have ranged from $10 – $2,500 and I couldn’t be more grateful for every single one! We received gift cards (via email) as well which have also been a huge blessing. I’ve never bought anything from Amazon before, but I must confess to being an Amazon freak now! :) Those might be the favorite, as I was able to purchase most items we needed for the house that way (pots, pans, crock pot, toaster, blender, mixer, 1 bed thus far plus bedding, emergency kit/charger, and even an inversion table that I use daily for health reasons, etc.) We were able to get some winter gear plus my daughter received funds from an organization to purchase a new bike even! Finally, the Target gift cards have been extremely helpful, because I can buy food there as well.

While I am doing new things with the websites, I have still not been able to acquire a new platform to run ads yet. I just got another request from an organization wanting to pay a monthly fee for some advertising space. I’ve gotten a few of these (personal) requests this year, but still can not accommodate them ( doesn’t allow this, so I need to build new websites with This would provide a more stable residual income for us once I’m finally able to do it. I continue to pray and believe it is one way my writing will help to financially support us instead of relying solely on personal donations as I have.

Last but not least. It seems there has been some frustration and limits in using and finding the contact form so I’ve decided to make a business email public now as well:


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