May You Have Enough 2014

January 1, 2014


During the new year may you have…
Enough happiness to keep you sweet. Enough trials to keep you strong. Enough sorrow to keep you human. Enough hope to keep you happy. Enough failure to keep you humble. Enough success to keep you eager. Enough friends to give you comfort. Enough wealth to meet your needs. Enough enthusiasm to make you look forward to tomorrow. Enough determination to make each day better
than the day before.

As well as…

Enough passion to feel alive.
Enough determination to change your future.
Enough compassion to help those in need.
Enough love for two hearts to beat as one.
Enough romance to take you back in time.
Enough empathy that you’re soul connects with others.
Enough courage to forgive yourself as much as anyone else.
Enough strength that you allow some tears to fall.
Enough humility to recognize when you’re wrong and apologize.
Enough joy that you remember how to laugh.
Enough humanity to identify your feelings.
Enough wisdom to realize you always have a choice.
Enough faith that you never give up your dreams.

May you always have ENOUGH my friends
and much love to all of you!

Happy New Year 2014


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5 Comments on “May You Have Enough 2014”

  1. diasolifeontheborder Says:

    May the Lord richly bless you in 2014! Thanks for your encouraging post.


  2. Writing to Freedom Says:

    Nice post Jessie, You describe the journey well. I believe when we live from an attitude of enough or contentment, then we have it all. blessings, for the new year, Brad


  3. balroop2013 Says:

    Thank you Jessie for understanding so many emotions so well! May God bless you with more love and kindness.


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