Letters From An Online Friend

January 6, 2014

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*this is a re-post and response to my last post, “Before I Give Up.” I hope everyone can follow the way I’m doing this, but if not, just go to her site “Die Trying” as it’s easiest to follow along from there.

Dear Jessie

When trying to write a book such as this, it is incredibly difficult to write without going through the emotions all over again, I too am in the process of writing and at times it becomes an overflow of emotion. Don’t give up your stories or your book, and I am happy that you have found some peaceful measure of strength again, because your story has power and there could be someone reading (even if they don’t respond) who could gain strength from it. My blog was started in an effort to prove to myself that I could set up and maintain a blog and that I was not too ‘outdated’ to know how:) but also to help me improve my writing and maintain what sanity is left:) I had no idea I would meet so many incredible people and be touched by great stories definitely not in a marketing/sales way. Life has taught me that money cannot be chased, it is important, but is always a by product. First comes the passion otherwise I would lose my soul and essence altogether which is all I have to pour into my writing so I will be holding onto that:) Thank you for sharing my post to you “Dear Jessie”, I didn’t expect that, it was the only way I knew how to absorb, was to write about it. Lots of love to you my online friend xxx



My Response…

My Online Friend,

I’m not sure what we have started here, but it works. I don’t know how long it will continue, but I embrace it. This may be our last exchange or it may not – just know that I am grateful either way.

I agree with how difficult it can be to write a book like this, because it almost requires one to re-live in order to remember. At least, I think it does, if you truly wish to convey the feelings of the moment and hope to bring your readers with you. I sometimes forget what you said too, about how sharing our stories may be helping someone else, even if we don’t ever hear from them. When I first started blogging that was my only hope and prayer – that if telling my story could help just one person out there in someway, then it would all be worth it. If we know someone has been helped, then somehow it seems to give what we’ve gone through purpose or meaning. I don’t know about you, but that has healing power in my book!

Yes, the online connections we make like this are invaluable! I never thought in a million years that I would be developing relationships and connections in this way either. It amazes me the hope, encouragement and inspiration we can give and be to other people via the internet!

I really enjoy your “This is Me” page. You speak with words of wisdom which can only come from a life rich in experience and it’s obvious, you have the heart of a writer as well. Your passion is evident, even in letters like this, and I look forward to what you may pen moving forward in an effort to keep your sanity, just as I do :)

Blessings and Hugs!
♥ Jessie

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