How To Move On (intro. cont.)

January 22, 2014


(As a continuation of the previous post,
because it was getting too long again
and my thoughts run in all directions…)

As I think about it, my struggle in answering some emails may be where I could improve as a speaker too. When I get invited somewhere, I do not have a plan. There is no blueprint of my story put together and I have no specific direction in mind when I speak. I think that’s why I am more comfortable in settings which allow for two-way dialogue. You can be assured that I will recount different aspects of my story, but the lessons and how it ends all depends upon the interaction which takes place, and what type of group I’m speaking with. Whether its leaders of an organization, a congregation, a board of elders, psychologist and therapists, a suicide ward in the hospital, troubled teens at the boys and girls ranch, runaways, people in prison or JV, hospice patients, etc. These are all the different types of places where I have been asked to share my story. As I do however, I allow for questions and comments, and then just go with flow. And I absolutely love that approach! It means every engagement is different (while maintaining the core points) and there’s been nothing but positive results every time. Makes me feel like I’m doing something right, even if it doesn’t follow the norm of what other authors and speakers are doing.

Yet, I admit there are plenty of times when I have thought I might do better if I had some sort of blue print to follow instead. A way in which to tell the story yet, at the end, are all these wonderful lessons and how to’s (or something to that effect.) But, I don’t yet. I think trying to write this series and answer these questions will help that. I’m sure having a better outline for speaking engagements would help the nerves too, but those dissipate once I get going anyways. I’d be fairly certain this is where I would benefit from having a life coach myself though, too… Oh, DR. PHIL!!!

Dr.Phil - life coach

See… tangents… I could go on forever!
One thing always leads to another…

Please, look for more posts in the coming days about, “How To Move On” (a guide to help victims become survivors.) Hopefully, I will be able to offer something of value to help anyone who is struggling with being victimized, and may I learn a thing or two myself along the way :) I welcome many more questions, comments, thoughts and ideas surrounding this topic!

How have you learned to move on?

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