Baggage Claim!

February 2, 2014

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We have all been hurt in the past,
but do you carry the hurts and disappointments with you like old baggage?
Does it interfere with your current relationships?
Are you fearful, angry or distrusting of the opposite sex?

Check Your Baggage

carry old baggageIt seems we all have some sort of baggage we bring into our relationships, even if it’s just a carry on. It seems to be unavoidable, for our past makes us who we are today.

All of our experiences (the good, the bad and the ugly) help mold and shape our lives, aiding in our uniqueness, and affecting every choice we make. Therefore, it seems we are never as free as we might think.

So, the key is to find a partner who will help us unpack!

Otherwise, you might find your head in the clouds with someone who just expects you to dump it all in the sea as you fly by. Better yet, is the one who will attempt to throw it all out when your back is turned and you’re busy getting him a drink!

Where’s my parachute?

Excess Baggage

Sometimes, we may not realize what baggage we are still carrying around until we come face to face with an amazing person and the fairy tale signs of a promising relationship. You may find yourself wondering in the midst of the journey, “is that really mine?”

packing luggage Perhaps it is only then, once we feel safe,
that we will finally venture to unpack any remaining treasure.

Unpack Your Bags

I struggle with the idea of finding someone to help me unpack (verses doing it alone) because it does not seem fair to them. Nor, does it does seem fair to the next relationship if I am making comparisons of the past out of anxiety and fear.

Doesn’t the new person in our life deserve a clean slate and a fair chance to experience something wonderful? Don’t our new relationships deserve every opportunity to grow and thrive without the past interfering or hindering our future?         

unpack together

Then I think…
what better way to form bonds, to grow, to learn and trust
than by unpacking your baggage together!

Unclaimed Baggage

That doesn’t mean we don’t take responsibility and deal with things on our own still. We should learn what we can from our past, then let the rest go. To be fair, we should allow ourselves the time to mature and go through that process before we begin searching for our next partner.

I think no matter how much healing and preparation we’ve done on our own though, we are still going to have some pieces of luggage that got misplaced along our travels, or pieces that we later find were hiding in the cargo department all along.

unclaimed baggage

Soul Seeds…

The best traveling advice I can give then
is to find a partner
who will help you pick up the pieces, explore what is left,
and complete the journey with you!


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5 Comments on “Baggage Claim!”

  1. poeticjourney Says:

    Well said, and true indeed


  2. peterjfoster Says:

    Unpacking the baggage together!. That’s a scarey thought.. Happy to relate to a prayer partner or Counselor but my partner…? Good subject Jessie..


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Hi Peter! I really appreciate your thoughts here :) Yes, my partner… if I can’t confide something in my significant other then I don’t want to tell anyone about it. What closer or more trusted union is there supposed to be beyond a husband and wife team in which to share such things with (besides our personal relationship with God.) I know I would feel like I’m in the wrong relationship (not to mention unequally yoked) if I COULDN’T do that.


  3. Christopher C. Randolph Says:

    Unpacked baggage eventually stinks like Limburger cheese that’s been left out in the kitchen. Eventually every room in the house is unbearable from the stench.


  4. Writing to Freedom Says:

    Hi Jessie, This is a fun and insightful analogy. Yes, we all carry baggage, and as we grow, we learn to unpack, especially with the help of friends, teachers and if we are lucky, a partner that helps us feel safe and loved. And I believe part of relationships purpose is to help bring up our “baggage” so that we may heal it. May we find such wonderful partners. Happy travels ! Brad


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