To Wound Thyself

April 7, 2014

A Quest For Truth

To Wound Thyself

How many wounds are self inflicted
How many days spent in self hatred?
How much time wasted in hibernation
Or wallowing in a dark depression?
Are you dying inside instead of living
Do you feel lost in this world or un-forgiven?
Do resentment and bitterness habituate your life
Or perhaps you have just become numb inside.
Are you harder on yourself than you need to be
Ripping and destroying your humanity?
Do feelings and emotions control your life
Overwhelming your heart, confusing your mind?
Anger, guilt, remorse or shame
Do you give them power to destroy and blame?
Strife and struggle – a wondering mind
Do thoughts let you sleep or keep you up at night?
Do un-forgiveness and hate suffocate love
Can you learn to let go and embrace this life?

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4 Comments on “To Wound Thyself”

  1. scatterwisdom Says:

    Too sad to comment knowing there are people thinking these thoughts everyday.

    Regards and good will blogging.


  2. Butch Dean Says:

    I picture you safe in your heavenly Father’s arms. This is my thought and my prayer for you.


  3. awindowofwisdom Says:

    This is great, and will touch hearts of many.


  4. Rick Stassi Says:

    This our dilemma on many various levels. I am glad you wrote this because all of us need to climb out of the dark caverns of our self-deprecation. Always easier said than done. I believe in God, my Father, and Jesus, my Savior, because I know how emotions, regrets, doubts and all the other tools of the enemy can hold me captive. I pray for you, others, and myself, to see outward to God and cast away the portions of our introspect that are toxic.

    Bless you sister…Peace always, and Love in Jesus.


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