Atlanta Georgia… A Hidden Gem of the U.S.

May 2, 2014


Atlanta, Georgia... A Hidden Gem of the U.S.

Welcome Home!

Of all the places we could land in the country – this is it. Atlanta Georgia is the place we will call home and we are very excited for what awaits :) It is absolutely gorgeous here and offers so many different opportunities.

We arrived a couple of weeks ago, but are still living in a hotel as we search for something more permanent. I swear, I fall in love with our surroundings more and more every time we venture out!

It reminds me of a much larger Portland Oregon, but with a lot more sunshine and I adore that. It possesses a wonderful mix of mid-west education and respect with a generous dose of southern kindness and hospitality. I’ve not seen such diverse cultures blend so well as they seem to here. It is an awesome combination of big city life surrounded by many different suburbs and it’s just beautiful!

“Thank you Atlanta… for making us feel so at home right away!”

Here is to the next part of our journey my friends. Please keep us in your prayers as we get settled, learn and discover all that Georgia has to offer.


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12 Comments on “Atlanta Georgia… A Hidden Gem of the U.S.”

  1. Alannah Mack Says:

    Welcome to Atlanta! You will love it here! :)


  2. foreverhis777 Says:

    Welcome to Georgia! You will quickly learn that sweet tea is your friend. You can’t miss The Varsity. It’s a landmark.


  3. billgncs Says:

    It is a great place!


  4. Life American Style Says:

    Welcome to the South! Wishing you the best Jessie!


  5. Carol Balawyder Says:

    Good luck in Georgia…Don’t forget to have mint juleps. I have fond memories of Atlanta.


  6. Susan Irene Fox Says:

    Praying that this will be home in all ways – physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. You deserve it. <3


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