Give Me A Reason

May 15, 2014

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A Successful Woman

PLEASE give me a reason NOT to believe this statement…

“All men are alike.”

Of course, I don’t really think this is true about men in general and I dislike stereotypes very much. However, I must admit it can be a struggle at times, just as it is with anyone we meet in life. I have decided that it’s OK though, because I have not reached the top yet. So… thank you to all the brick throwers, because I needed more stairs to get where I’m going.

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13 Comments on “Give Me A Reason”

  1. lscotthoughts Says:

    I’ll just “echo” Brandon’s comment, Jessie! :) There are good and bad in women and men; it’s just human nature…great post and quote! xx


  2. brianwilliamsen Says:

    In the end we’re all sinners and we all need God’s grace. It’s the same grace we are called to give to others – even when they drive us nuts :) Hang in there, friend!


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Ah yes, my friend… I’m a pretty patient person. It’s deciding what people and circumstances we need to allow more patience and grace with and which ones we need to just leave. It’s that discernment which can be difficult when you want so badly to believe the best of everyone. I may even allow much more than most people would just because I want to make sure I’m not judging things too quickly due to my past. The wrong types of people can take advantage of that though. Warm wishes Brian!


      • brianwilliamsen Says:

        You’re speaking my language with that. Totally agree with what you said. Some people cross the line over and over again and just continuing to say ‘it’s ok’ forever isn’t really healthy. So I hear you for sure!


  3. Lucas J. Draeger Says:

    Alike in what way? I need details, and I will open up for you the mysteries of the XY gene combo.


  4. Andy Oldham Says:

    Sent from my iPhone



  5. tsizzles Says:

    Hi Jessie

    Wonderful post. The only thing that I often caution against when it comes to stereotypical statements-like the one you mentioned-is focusing on the individual. Every thought that May occur as a result of consistent patterns happening to a woman must be judged from the individual who created a negative impression. Possibly the next man she meets may be the complete opposite of all others that built the mindset she had preceding her encounter with the new man.

    Now because of the background, ethnicity (which impacts culture), education, life experiences and people men are surrounded by, it is impossible for all men to be alike or equal on any front. That is just something to think about. Thanks for this post.


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Hello Tarisai!

      The “possibility” you speak of is exactly why I’ll never give up and why I don’t generalize or believe in stereotypes :) It is just the idea of how one bad apple can ruin the whole bunch… IF we let it. I think that is where our own faith and hope must come into play. We can’t let what is bad or evil destroy or make us give up on what is good. Even speaking in general terms, we can’t let that one person ruin it for everyone else.

      No, I do not believe all men are the same. Just need to give myself a pep talk and ask for a little encouragement once in awhile, after coming across a few who are not at all what they claim to be. Sometimes it is frustrating weeding through all the pretenders and liars to find a genuine and honest soul.

      I appreciate your comment and thanks so much for reading!


  6. billgncs Says:

    If all men seem alike, might be time to change how the sample is collected.


  7. Teela Hart Says:

    Love this.
    Thanks for sharing it!


  8. Brandon Toscano Says:

    it’s not all men are alike because they aren’t, we can use the same argument for women, I can give you just as many bad examples for women as you can for men. Some individuals just aren’t good, maybe it’s the society we live in that turn many this way, or perhaps it’s just human nature. :P


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