Inappropriate Content We Love

May 30, 2014

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Inappropriate content I can appreciate…


My apologies to those of you who may be offended by the contents posted here. Obviously, I don’t mean any disrespect and I normally never post things like this. It’s kind of like my stories though… while I don’t believe in using foul language on a daily basis, sometimes it can be the best way to get a point across or is what others can relate to the most. 

I was taught in church that you don’t ever stoop to someone’s level in order to make a point. As an evangelist and believer, I’ve always questioned that to a certain degree though (imagine if you will, searching for a balance between being a Christian and being an undercover operative – now you have a sense of what my life’s been like.) Unless you are willing to go into the depths and darkness yourself, how do you ever expect to reach or help someone who is trapped there so they can see the light too. I think of Jesus eating with sinners on the Sabbath.

I’ve met and counseled with other agents and officers who have worked undercover as well. These are good men and women scared to death believing they might go to hell, because of things they had to do for the job. I had to do some of those same things. Someone has to do them to catch the bad guy and to protect you (the public.) It’s no different than the respect and esteem we should have for our armed forces – someone has to go to war, someone has to protect us and our children, but that doesn’t mean they are going to hell. I believe very much that God wants us to defend what is right and to protect our families. I believe He calls us to action and equips each of us with different talents and gifts in which to serve the greater good (be it without losing our souls, of course.)

Now, I have never used foul language or such examples when speaking to a business or congregation. I understand there is a professional image that needs to be portrayed depending upon who we are representing and I have always been able to do that very well. It’s not to say that I haven’t intentionally let the occasional cuss word slip when speaking in seminars, prisons or to troubled youth groups though (I thought my elders would have a heart attack the first time they accompanied me to such a place!) I’ve also not been afraid to go there with leaders either if need be. I think it’s more about respect, discretion and discernment regarding when it may or may not be appropriate to use. I have been under some heavy guidance and leadership for years concerning this, so believe me when I say… one needs to tread lightly.

We need not to break the law or sell our souls
yet, be willing to meet people where they’re at

in order to help them see a better way.

I am still a good person. I still have boundaries. This doesn’t mean we break the law or don’t have strong morals and values. I am still a Christian. I still believe we should act and treat others like Jesus would (to the best of our ability.) I am still the same woman who has been described countless times as being “a woman after God’s own heart.”

Now, this doesn’t mean I’m gong to start posting inappropriate content on a regular basis or anything and hopefully I don’t lose any followers because of how I’ve chosen to approach it this time. Or perhaps I’ll gain a few and earn some likes instead, lol – that isn’t the point. I’m posting this to get people’s attention. It’s more to show that I am just like you. As Christians… Yes, we are supposed to stand out and be different from the world so people will seek why and hopefully want what we have, but we also have to remain relatable and never forget where we came from. Where we ALL came from. Overall, it’s about making different choices. It’s to show that if you make these kinds of choices then this is what life looks like, but if you make those kinds of choices, then that’s what life is like instead.

Soul Seeds…

God changes peopleSo, I am just like you. I can find humor or enjoyment in things which are inappropriate, and I can be drawn to things which are ungodly, if I choose to live in the flesh. Because I am human and have free will, I am capable of the worst actions and thoughts imaginable, if I choose to indulge them. But, that is my point… when we become Christians, we choose to be led more by the Spirit than by our flesh. It isn’t that I can’t or won’t live like the world anymore – it’s that I don’t want to. I am not perfect though and I will continue to mess up, but this is me. I am honest, genuine and real. I’m so sick of pretending to be perfect when I am not – that’s what God’s grace and forgiveness are all about! And let’s be completely honest because sometimes it takes a dramatic, shocking and candid remark to touch a person’s heart enough to move their soul… no matter who you are! This is a learning process my friends, but as long as we are willing to submit, our Father promises to keep molding us into something better. It is a beautiful thing to always be a work in progress!

I may fall in my flesh, but I will rise in my Spirit. 



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17 Comments on “Inappropriate Content We Love”

  1. "light and salt" Says:

    I understand your thinking, but I have to disagree politely with it. We set examples by how we act in our daily lives and that includes the use of our words.

    It used to seem okay to me as well to get a point across, to gain the attention of the “worldly minded.” But after careful examination, I no longer feel that way. Our speech is to be different from those of the world, not the same. People will take notice when we don’t speak as they do as well…

    That’s simply my opinion and I do not judge you here at all. I agree with you in that we don’t judge anyone on any level. But God will bring everything into judgment in His time.

    Steve Pejay


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      A difference of opinion is certainly OK Steve and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I suppose I’ve gone from one extreme to the other in life and have now been searching for a more balanced approach to most things, be it good or bad.

      During the past several years when I was married to a pastor, we belonged to a very legalistic and old school congregation where I did everything the “right” way. Actually, I’ve done a few specific things the “right” way several times over only to find it to be the biggest mistake of my life (I know that will probably only make sense once I share more of my story.) It didn’t make me lose faith, but I do think we can take even a good thing too far. I’m not saying that’s necessarily the case with our speech (specifically) but just in general. Sometimes, trying to find our way can be so confusing…

      I know what you speak of and how the Word teaches we are to be different than the world, not the same, so people will take notice – but, where is it that we draw the line? Maybe for some it’s speech, maybe for others it’s not to drink or smoke, and yet for others it will be to dress very modestly… I just don’t think there’s any of us, no matter how good we try to be, who still don’t sin or do things we maybe shouldn’t. I guess my only point is how I hear way too often from people who aren’t saved yet, that they often times feel like we “Christians” have a tendency to always act like we’re so perfect when they know we’re not and that makes them feel like we’re a bunch of phonies. It’s only to say that we each have our weaknesses and perhaps we shouldn’t go to such great lengths to act like we don’t or to cover them up. For, it’s where we may stumble and fall that most people will be able to relate to us.

      Blessings to you my friend and thank you for not passing judgement.


      • "light and salt" Says:

        My dear Jessie…oh the many thoughts which come to mind in reading this!

        First of all, thank you for sharing so much detail of who you are and some of your past…which perhaps helped deliver you to this point in your life today!

        I have considered your current path myself. As you may note from a few of my own postings, I constantly fail as both a Christian and a man.

        This is not something I am proud of, in fact it hurts me to think that it hurts the One who died for me. I call on God through Christ Jesus for many things and in some cases I get emotional, even “mad” with the lack of “answers.”

        I do not try to deny this fact, nor hide it from readers here, as I believe it does more good to show that everyone has weaknesses and “slips” to temptations. No one is perfect, not even one of us!

        However, my belief is that after much consideration, we must try to set ourselves apart from “worldly ways” as much as possible. That includes the company we keep, the actions and reactions we have around others, and certainly the words we use to express ourselves.

        I’m sure you’re familiar with this passage of scripture in (Col. 4: 5-6). This helped me to reach my final conclusion on how I should be acting as a Christian.

        “Conduct yourselves with wisdom toward outsiders, making the most of the opportunity. Let your speech always be with grace, as though seasoned with salt, so that you will know how you should respond to each person.”

        I know you implied that you have tried to live this way and it seems to have “failed you.” But it is the will of a perfect God for us to live in this manner.

        As such, we need to give His will our complete trust and in His time, it will be an effective tool in delivering His gospel message.

        I hope you will “rethink” your ministry in this light. I also apologize if you feel I’ve “preached” at you. That was not my intention…

        Best of everything to you as a sister whose intentions seem to be for the furtherance of God’s word and will!



        • Jessie Jeanine Says:

          WOW! Thanks for sharing so easily your thoughts again Steve! It can be difficult to get conversation going through a blog, but I find it very rewarding when it happens :)

          I do not feel like you’ve preached “at” me in any sense. Instead, I feel like you’ve done well in ministering and sharing “with” me (or us) what your viewpoints and beliefs are. For that my friend… I am very grateful. As brothers and sisters in Christ we are supposed to help one another along the journey so I always feel blessed to meet a fellow disciple with the ‘right’ intentions along the path.

          Blessings to you Steve!


          • "light and salt" Says:

            You are right in all of what you say here, Jessie! It is hard to find close, trustworthy friends, in a “blog” setting. We all feel we must be so careful, and I’m no different.

            However, I feel you are an honest and sharing person. I want you to know you can talk with me anytime about our faith, or just about life in general.

            We do share with fellow Christians, and we do want to build them up in not only the Lord’s word, but in everything which will make their lives more meaningful!

            You have a super day, Jessie, and we’ll talk again soon…

            Steve :)


  2. asd539 Says:

    Awesome and shockingly honest post. God wants us to be who we are and that includes being real in church. Church is the most dishonest place to be because of the fear of shame. Because I felt so unloved in my earlier life now I want to intentionally love the ones that are difficult to love. Making a shame free environment is, after all what Jesus did. :-)


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Great comments David – thank you and I’m so sorry for what you experienced in your younger years. My daughter and I were actually shunned by a congregation we had served for about 4 years and it still affects us to this day. The greatest tragedy is that people can actually lose their faith and turn away from God because of such treatment.

      Of all the places we should be seeing God’s grace, love and forgiveness it is within those walls. Yet, they are sometimes so judgemental it keeps people out, which is so incredibly sad. Yes, we are to use discernment and be wise, but we are also to meet people where they’re at. And yes, that is exactly what Jesus did! Hugs to you my friend and many blessings <3


  3. armyofangels2013 Says:

    Honesty and authenticity are taking Christianity back to its root…the people of the world have not evolved so much that we don’t recognize their personas in the Good Book. I am with you in all my imperfections…we judge ourselves harshly. This was a moving and thought provoking post. Good job!


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Well said Louise ~ thank you! I completely agree that we are no where near evolved to think such things however, that’s where my sadness lays… too many people act like they are. As long as we behave that way and think we are better than those who do not yet know God (another words, as long as we think our shit don’t stink like everyone else’s) the less believable we are, the less likely we are to be able to help others, the less His light can shine through us, the less likely we are going to be able to introduce another person to Christ. (I could go on with this as it leads to so much more, but think I’ll stop now, lol!) Blessings to you my friend!


  4. lscotthoughts Says:

    Great post, Jessie, with good points…we’re all only human and to act as though we’re more like Jesus would be an insult to Him and hypocritical for us. :) Yes, I appreciated your honesty and am not offended. Though, I am like you and not into the foul language aspect too often. :) Hugs!


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Don’t get me wrong my friend… I can cuss like a sailor when times have called for it (needing to be just one of the guys, on a job, etc.) but it’s certainly not my first language or what comes most naturally :)

      I actually sat on this post for more than a week praying about it. Talking about such sensitive topics like this is one thing when addressing just a small group or something, but having it in my timeline for the whole world to see is quite another. I’ve been relaxed and felt supported and understood in the points I was trying to make though, so it’s encouraging.

      I appreciate your support Lauren and have you in my prayers as always! Hugs my friend! <3


  5. Teela Hart Says:

    Thank you for being real.
    I mean that.


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Sometimes being real and honest isn’t the easiest or most popular choice. At the end of the day it isn’t the ‘people’ whom we are so eager to please, which we have to answer to though…

      You are welcome Tee and your comment means the world to me. Thank you!


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