Shake It Out (the devil on your back)

July 10, 2014

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Things don’t always turn out the way we plan,
the way we want or the way we think they should.
This just means that God has something better in store for us
if we have faith and are patient for His timing…

God knows...

Nothing has gone as I’ve wanted it to or thought it would for quite some time now, but I’m finally getting to the point of being OK with that. I can’t help but wonder though if it’s because I keep making my own plans instead of trusting in Him? Or maybe that’s just a way of trying to rationalize what’s been happening in my life and all the transitions we’ve been going through.

If we allow the desperation of our circumstances to enable us to make rash decisions, is it because we have a lack of faith? Or does it mean we are no longer trusting in the Holy Spirit to lead us? After all, how easy is it to let the chaos of the world distract us from the truth, becoming so loud that we can barely hear His voice over our own.

I’ve made some decisions over the past couple of years which haven’t been the wisest. Desperation has made me take some risks that I would never otherwise take and I’m learning (like anything) that can be both good and bad. It is bad of course, when it doesn’t work out although, there are always lessons to learn. It is good, because you can’t have great reward without taking great risk.

Just when I’ve thought things couldn’t get any worse or more chaotic…
Just when I’ve thought about patting myself on the back for the ability to remain content…
Just when I’m sure there couldn’t possibly be anymore mountains to climb,
only hurdles to leap in a single bound, which wouldn’t even slow my pace… 

Just when I have no more than thought these things, God has allowed more to happen. Even more continues to get piled on my plate. It never seemed to be a big deal before as I’ve always been very resilient, persistent and tenacious. But, the older I get the harder it seems to be, and these days it can even feel like I’m starting all over again.

A Turning Point…

I have not been content, nor have I wanted to accept so much for so long… Perhaps that’s exactly why God has allowed things to continue as they have. I feel like I am being broken down, but in good ways.

Somehow, amidst all the trials and tribulations I am finally coming to a place of acceptance with everything, including the fact that we’re calling Colorado home instead of Hawaii. I am finally accepting and feeling content with how things are and the direction we’re going in, which is much different than giving up (as I’ve been learning the hard way.)

In an attempt to be free, I’ve come to realize just how much crap from these past couple of years I have been carrying around. It’s time to let go and use those experiences the same way as I have any others ~ to help people.

Florence + The Machine ~ Shake It Out (I love this song!)

We may not know exactly who we are, but one thing is for sure… we’re never going to figure it out if we can’t let go of everyone else’s perceptions of who we should be or of what we once were.

Soul Seeds…

God is even more tenacious and resilient than we are! He is SO much bigger than Satan in all ways, so let’s allow Him and His goodness to become more persistent in our lives than the negative. We do well when we learn how to draw strength from Him and allow His peace to fill our hearts, so that we may be content with where we are… no matter what the circumstances.



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3 Comments on “Shake It Out (the devil on your back)”

  1. johncoyote Says:

    Very good music and strong and positive thoughts and words. I agree with your logic. Hard time should make us kinder and appreciate the new day and opportunity.


  2. brianwilliamsen Says:

    Amen, my friend! Well said. God is indeed bigger than the enemy. Thankful for that. Breakthrough is coming for you and it’s gonna be so amazing! Get ready. All of this is prelude to what He has in store for you!


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