What Happens When We Don’t Settle

August 3, 2014


Do you know your value and worth?
Do you base it upon what the world has to say about you or what God says about you?
What kind of standards and expectations do you have of yourself and others? 

As long as we keep our ego’s in check there is nothing wrong with dreaming and living a life of excellence. I believe that’s what God wants for us and of us, but the real question is… do we believe it? Even more so, do we act like we believe it?

Let me share what God has done…

So, we’ve been viewing all kinds of rental properties although, it’s been a frustrating and slow process due to some transitions we’re still in the middle of. Finances have forced me into another income bracket (which is fine) but trying to decide which things to compromise on and which not to has definitely been a learning experience.

As we have gone searching from the bottom up this time, circumstances made me think I had to accept the absolute cheapest place out there for now, but I quickly learned that probably meant also accepting some of the worst neighborhoods and conditions around.

Accepting the worst, instead of believing in the best, is just not acceptable.

After realizing that us not getting to move into the first place was really a blessing in disguise, we picked up the search again. I quickly applied for a second place which still wasn’t the greatest, but for the money it would have allowed us to keep two bedrooms still. Even though they had all kinds of bad reviews online, they really were under new management and busy cleaning the place up, so it seemed promising. Much to my surprise however, my application was denied. That’s never happened before and I couldn’t believe it! 

Needless to say, it was a totally sleepless night then, because no parent wants to hear that they can’t put a roof over their child’s head (no matter what their age is or how often they’re home anymore.) I cried and cried until my eyes were nearly swollen shut, flip-flopping between praying and praising God, but being angry and arguing with him again too. Then the next day we began an exhaustive search that would last for the remainder of the week.

I then applied for a third place which would have worked as well, even though it was very small with no space or storage room. The price was much better, but it still wasn’t very adequate. However, I would have been willing to accept it, because it was in a better neighborhood. They seemed the most motivated to get us in right away, but days later I found out they still hadn’t even moved on my application, despite saying they were going to push everything through the same day.

Everything happens for a reason friends!

It was funny, because I noticed a pattern that seemed to be emerging along our journey. Each property we looked at after that seemed to be getting better and better in regards to how it would meet our real needs for the same price. It was exciting and refreshing!

I kept telling my girl that I wasn’t willing to compromise so much
and it would all work out the way it was supposed to.
We were just going to keep believing and not give up!

Ironically, we finally ended up back at the very first property we had ever looked at. I remembered that as we were greeted by a family of deer that day (making it feel even more like it was home-sweet-home) I was also scared to apply, because it seemed to offer so much and be so nice that I thought we didn’t have a chance of getting it (obviously, I let the fear of that one denial earlier in the week take root in a way that I didn’t even realize!)

Anyways, I had even gotten an application that very first day we viewed it, but then I allowed those fears and negative thoughts to keep me away from it all week. I allowed myself to get so consumed and wrapped up in the chaos of our situation, that it’s the only place I didn’t return to, even though something inside made it feel like ‘home’ right away.

To make a long story short… we’ve finally been accepted and approved for our new home. I applied and we got it ~ YEAH! Yours truly broke down in tears with all the ladies in the office when they delivered the good news, lol.

Once again, I marvel at how the last has become the first.

You see, our situation is a bit different, meaning we don’t fit neatly into some little box or  black and white category. So, it requires people who can see in shades of grey and not be afraid of the situation. On top of that, the confidentiality program we’ve been in for the last few years proves to have it’s own challenges as well (it was SO much easier working with the Feds!) This place where we’re going to be living has a wonderful team and even though it took hours to get through everything, it finally paid off!

“Hats off to everyone involved and thank you!”

Do you want to know what the real icing on the cake is? Even though it’s not what I hoped for financially, it is the same price as everything else that’s half way decent around here plus, it’s the best place overall that we came across. It’s absolutely an answer to prayers, including being in the area I was hoping for. It not only meets our basic needs, but has more amenities than anyone else, including things that I hadn’t even thought of that will help my health. We’re SO excited!

The only negative is that we can’t move in until mid September, so I’m back to searching for a more affordable and temporary alternative to this hotel room again (nothing we looked at had any earlier availability around here.) 

Oh, I also learned that the place who denied me earlier actually made a mistake, because some CEO either misread or misunderstood my credit report. Talk about another God thing though, because in the end we wound up with more than we were even hoping for!

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4 Comments on “What Happens When We Don’t Settle”

  1. asd539 Says:

    Jessie, the comfort zone is an overrated fantasy world provided by the enemy to keep us just mediocre and not significant. This was an awesome post and I am going to tweet the prior statement right now. What happens when we don’t settle is we find God’s path that leads to the abundant life. Thanks for the inspiration, I am considering a blog on the topic. Love your writing and your inspiration. :-)


  2. Manny Rutinel Says:

    What a great post! I just followed you to stay updated on your future posts and I look forward to them. I recently started my own personal blog, so feel free to check out my profile where you’ll find my blog and social media sites.

    Have a great day :D


  3. Army of Angels Says:

    It is hard to get out of the way and let God work sometimes…What a great testimony!


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