A Whirlwind Of Blessings!

September 16, 2014

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(Short Recap) After having to spend so much time and money in a hotel our first couple of months after moving back here, we’ve been incredibly blessed to be renting out a mother-in-law suite this past month. The rate we were given was truly a blessing from God and a much needed break, but now it has become even more so. There is no other way to describe the circumstances of our current living situation other than to say, it is all God. The generosity of our hosts is something I just can’t get over and it’s more than evident that we are living with a family who lives for God. It has been so good for us to witness and be a part of right now.

Then one church blesses us with Stephens Ministry and opportunities for my daughter, while another gave us gift cards for gas and Target.

Then I change my Facebook status to, “Father God, I pray for the fool who was so desperate that he felt the need to steal the tags of my brand new plates. Bless him and help me. Amen!”

Then we received enough financial support to finally get moved on time.

As ripples turn into tidal waves…


An Ambitious Young Lady

Since we’ve been able to stay with this family and live half way normal again (after touring and living in hotels for several months), my daughter decided to take on the world by starting college a couple of weeks ago as a criminal justice major and sociology minor. Then, she gets herself hired for two jobs that start on the same day even! She will be working in a church nursery plus, as a hostess training to be a waitress in one of her favorite establishments. I’m so incredibly proud of her! And yes, we already talked about being careful not to hit the burn out mode although, she seems to be like I was at that age where the more responsibility she’s given, the better she does. For the most part, she’s learned how to thrive off it very well.

Perhaps the best part is how willing her jobs are to work with each other and her school, so that flexibility is giving her an amazing schedule, and allowing her foot to be in the door a few different ways. This is so exciting, because it will also allow for her to find what her own natural gifts and talents are, and where her heart is in regards to her future and what she wants to do. As a parent, I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities she’s being presented with (just like in CA) nor more proud of her willingness to explore them.

There She Blows!

*Now for the fun part ~ after waiting for nearly two months to get into our new place, we had to decline it this weekend when we went to sign the lease (not something I’m pleased about and it’s heartbreaking after waiting for so long.) So, now we’re scrambling to find another rental and fast! Of course, this interferes with the u-haul, storage and moving company that were already scheduled and paid up to date too. This was the third apartment I have been approved for since we got here, that didn’t work out (because of them.) Needless to say, in a very short time I have learned to dislike working with Corporations like these (versus realtors and private owners) very much. The lack of personal accountability is more than frustrating.

Caught Up A Whirlwind of Blessings…

Regardless of the extreme ups and downs which we’re used to (although, not so much on a daily basis) everything is very good my friends and I have been praising God! Satan is trying his hardest right now, but we just keep forging ahead, as well as those around us. And we have so much to be grateful for!

We are both meeting wonderful people all around ~ new friends, connections and building a support system. Plus, we found a church we’re both really drawn to and which speaks to both our hearts in different ways.

Tidal Waves of Life

Between the blessings of receiving enough financial support, a break in rent, and having a safe place to stay, some of the pressure is finally off. It has been a very long time (since CA) and it finally feels like I can breathe again. It has allowed my daughter and I to discover and work through the changing dynamics of our relationship, and I believe bring us back around to those things which are good, instead of being consumed with one crisis after another.

My fear is gone.
For I have seen the winds blow
The storms rumble
And the hurricanes wipe out everything in its path.
Yet, my God is still here.
My rock and my salvation has not moved
So it is upon Him… that I now stand.

Personally, it has allowed me to finally realize why I’ve been wondering in the wilderness for so long too ~ being stripped of everything and everyone, except God. It is because He wants more of me ~ it’s brought me back around full circle to Him once again. I’m right where I need to be :)

God will take you to places you can’t even imagine
Just to get you to the place where you need to be
So you can learn to depend on and trust in HIM.

Tidal Waves of Love

The Aftermath

I have been so busy searching, seeking, chasing and worrying about this and that for so long that I lost my way. I allowed all that to pull me away from God, even though I would have argued otherwise, lol (imagine that!) My personal relationship with Him has been on the back burner in so many ways, it’s no wonder life’s been such a mess! Sure, I would pray or argue with Him on a daily basis about all this “stuff” but the intimacy and personal relationship were gone, so I still felt empty and alone.

Then I became desperate to find a husband instead. Now, I may still date, but I’m not out on this great expedition and manhunt anymore. It’s different, as I’m really learning how to cling to God again for those things instead. I need to let Him fulfill me in ALL ways, and only then will I be ready for the kind of marriage and partnership I’ve always desired.

Soul Seeds…

Preparing for what comes next...

Stay Tuned, More To Come…

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6 Comments on “A Whirlwind Of Blessings!”

  1. johnmarkmiller Says:

    What a powerful quote this is for your finishing thought! Wow!


  2. clara54 Says:

    “To God Be The Glory” for in the midst of your struggles, trials and tribulations, he will never let go of your outstretched hands… I speak from living life experiences and having been there. I know your season will come and you and your daughter will thrive. Trust and Believe!



  3. Optimistic Kid Says:

    Nice to see that things are almost back to normal. Keep on going…


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