Come Along Side Me

September 29, 2014


“If you think I could do better…”


Please don’t judge me, as I will not judge you. If you think I’ve done something wrong or could use a little advice, please don’t scold or worse yet, pass me off. Instead, I invite you to come along side me and help guide. I’m not saying I’ll agree with you on everything, but one is simply a fool not to appreciate the different views and perspectives of others.

To be mentored is a wonderful thing and admittedly, I’ve not been under the guidance and leadership of elders, superiors or a husband for the last couple of years although, I would like to be.

You won’t make a great teacher or leader
if you don’t know how to be a great student.

Also, when correcting behavior (from a Christian viewpoint) the bible talks about how we are to approach our brother or sister privately at first (and with love mind you.) If that doesn’t work, we are to bring another believer along and confront them again. If that still doesn’t work, then we might address board members or the congregation as a whole. 

Hate the sin, not the sinner.

Please remember though, that just because you may be offended, don’t like or agree with something, that doesn’t mean the person is actually wrong or needs correction either. From what I understand, a biblical correction (towards like minded believers) to this a degree is only needed if the person is sinning in such a way, that it is causing others to sin with them. 

While we are called to be wise and discerning
We are not called to judge.


In regards to personal involvement I’ve had with various agencies or private individuals ~ I know who I’ve worked for and need only answer to those individuals on a case by case basis ~ that’s it. (Unless the investigation reveals something criminal about them too.) I still do not fall under any one particular umbrella and don’t know that I ever will (call it a perk of being an independent agent) but I will never sever the bonds of trust that were built around a case.

My main interest and goal has always been about protecting victims and always will be. If you’ve hired me to do a job, I’ll get it done, but not at the expense of my soul or anyone else’s. That is what I’m known for, and it’s been said that everyone should have such integrity. Currently, I’m not taking anymore cases although, I am seeking new opportunities, and am excited to see what the next season of life has to offer.

Come Along Side Me

(In regards to being both an undercover operative and a good Christian…) 

Personal Update  

Thank you SO much for the extra support this past month, as we’ve been trying to readjust and get settled. Unfortunately, I didn’t take the home we were approved for, because the landlord called my references and the Secretary of State asking very inappropriate questions concerning me and my daughter. So, needless to say, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise! I’ve tucked away the funds and am looking at a cabin we can rent just on a monthly basis until we find something permanent again. Tourist season is officially over here Oct. 1st which should help a lot and enable us to lock something in at a more reasonable price for the upcoming year. Blessings everyone and thanks for all your continued prayers, encouragement and support! 

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