Taking Risks… Personally and Professionally

October 4, 2014


To love is to risk, but it is one that I will always say is worth taking.

Having to heal through a thousand hurts and disappointments in this lifetime is definitely worth the risk, if we are lucky enough to be graced with just one experience of love that is genuine and good.

I’m not looking for the love of many…
One will do nicely, please!

Only One Happiness

“There is only one happiness in life… to love and be loved.”

I am a nurturer, lover and helpmate by nature ~ this is how God made me. Perhaps I practice it to a fault at times, but how exceedingly wonderful it can be once we find the right partner!

Sure, there are those who will try to exploit this quality or take advantage of it (like any other) but I won’t let that stop me from loving and having faith in people the way I do. It isn’t naive when we’re aware of it, and I’ve heard over and over throughout the years, that it’s one of the most amazing facets of my story (to have survived so much yet, somehow I continue to love, have faith and find it a risk worth taking.)

Of course, I get down and struggle with things just like everyone else, but over all and underneath everything… I will remain transparent and vulnerable, because I believe that’s how God wants me to be, and especially with my story. And besides offering respect, I don’t know of a greater gift to be able to give my husband one day. The right partner will thrive off these qualities, as I will thrive off his. Our qualities will enhance one another’s lives, encouraging us to succeed both as a couple and individually.

To Give and Receive

Ready… Set… GO!

Do I fall in love easily? You bet I do! But, that doesn’t mean you’ve earned my trust, loyalty or respect. I may fall in love quickly, but the rest takes time… Do I have that backwards? Lol

And just because I fall in love easily, that doesn’t mean being a relationship with that person would be a good choice either. Love is not what constitutes a marriage ~ love is a choice. However, it is one of the many required elements for a healthy relationship. I can love anyone, but that doesn’t mean I should marry them, or that they would even be good to have in my life. 

Do Opposites Create Balance?

The ability to love unconditionally is a gift. I admit, it’s one that can feel like both a blessing and a curse at the same time, but it’s something that I’ve always been grateful for.

I’ve always been a firm believer in “the greater the risk, the greater the reward” as well. Yet, because I am more adventurous like that, a good relationship match might be the opposite of that in ways. Of course, I hope we have a lot of common interests, but that’s different from the personal qualities we each possess. While I might be able to help someone learn to push their boundaries, live their dreams and take risks, they might help me stay reigned in just enough not to be taken advantage of or get hurt so much.


Personally and Professionally

It’s not much different in the work place when helping people achieve a level of success they desire. Great motivators (or coaches) will help you think outside the box and believe in yourself. And not with some hyped up bullsh*t either. They will posses a unique ability to encourage and support your strengths yet, not be afraid to point out areas of weakness too (constructively, of course) while offering different perspectives and points of view. Although, they won’t just help you ‘consider’ such things, they will help you act upon them, teaching you how to “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyways.”

The Mind Of A Man

“If you can dream it… You can achieve it!”

Then there are those who seem to do just as well and thrive off a good ole fashion, kick-in-the-butt, from time to time too (I’ve been known to be one of those types, lol!)

What A Man Thinks

I have been used both professionally and personally to help elevate men in the community and the work place for a long time now. I’ve always been good with that, because it has provided and sustained us very well at times. However, I have yet to be in a personal relationship where I’ve been supported and encouraged to follow my own dreams or do the things I believe God has called me to do as well. That is what I’m searching for. I have more to offer than knowing how to help others achieve their dreams…

“Or perhaps, that in itself IS my calling…?”

(Pondering thoughts… obviously, thinking as I type this. Trying to figure out how to redefine myself…)

your soul doesn't care

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2 Comments on “Taking Risks… Personally and Professionally”

  1. lscotthoughts Says:

    Wonderful post, Jessie, and you are a beautiful soul and will find the right partner probably when you least expect it. That’s how my hubby and I met, so I’m a firm believer that if you’re trying too hard and looking for something, it won’t be found, but will surprise you someday. :) You have a lot to offer and deserve the support, respect and love that you seek. Hugs!



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