October 10, 2014



I just love this and it’s very true gentlemen, regarding most of us!

Women were created to be very responsive creatures and we will just naturally give back ten fold when we feel well taken care of, protected and loved.

I’m not saying you’re responsible for our happiness men, but if you don’t like the tune that’s being played, try strumming a different chord… or maybe just more of them!

Learn to find the beauty in exploring how a woman responds to you, instead of seeing it as an impossible challenge. I encourage you to be intrigued by our mystery and not intimidated by it. Despite our independence, we are both simply complicated yet, strong delicate souls longing to be fine tuned by someone we can respect. 

And ladies… If you want to be cherished for the unique beautiful souls you are, then you have to be willing and vulnerable enough to join the orchestra. For, it’s impossible to be nurtured if you’re always sitting on the shelf.


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2 Comments on “Woman”

  1. Shandra Says:

    Beautiful Jessie Jeanine. and so very True.


  2. theoldfellowgoesrunning Says:

    Always need to be reminded of this. Thanks Jessie! :)


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