An Orchestrated Dance

October 12, 2014


If you have to dance with the devil, make sure you can lead.


I don’t know of anything more dangerous than flirting with Satan.

I used to say, “never invite the devil in to dance” but the more I’ve thought about it, that seems to be exactly what working undercover means. It’s not the life I intended, but maybe because I was born into such evil, it has been God’s way of making good come from it. My experiences are what enable me to relate to people and circumstances that many others cannot.

Each one of us is equipped with specific gifts though, including you! So, if it feels like our experiences and gifts are going to waste, then perhaps it is because we’re not operating in submission and allowing God to work in our lives. Because, if we let Him… He will use absolutely everything for His glory!

So, my friends… How often do you find yourself flirting with temptation in your everyday life?

You must always remember, that the father of deception is so good, he will let you believe that you’re the one who’s in control leading the dance the entire time. When really… You are just dancing to his tune.

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