Today is a New Day

October 26, 2014


Do you know that you are ALREADY equipped to handle whatever comes your way?

Trust and believe in yourself enough to let all the insecurities fall away. Have confidence in who you are! Don’t try to be like everyone else. Instead… learn to embrace your uniqueness, so that others will to. Allow your natural gifts and talents (what you are best at) lead you to your destiny.

If you follow your passion
you will soon find that you’re living your dreams as well!

Believe in yourself!

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2 Comments on “Today is a New Day”

  1. Scott Sholar Says:

    ” Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me” (John 14:1, KJV).


  2. Arrowheart Ranch Says:

    I have a huge passion for strengths (Gallup Strengthsfinder 2.0). Love your words! So true and so encouraging. We all offer unique contributions and need each other’s contributions to operate at our best! Beautiful!


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