What Photography Platform Do You Use?

November 9, 2014


For all intents and purposes, my professional website “Life Inspired Photography” is down.

The platform I use, SmugMug, forced their clients to switch to a new upgraded version, but I didn’t know that all my galleries wouldn’t automatically transfer when I finally agreed to the change (only the featured pics did.)

So, I’m currently reviewing other platforms like Wix, Zenfolio and Squarespace, too. While I love SmugMug for many different reasons, I say, don’t fix it if it isn’t broken people! I may or may not be staying with them and have to decide within the next couple of days.

Any advice or recommendations? I have needed a built-in way to sell photos and products too, so that’s the main reason I had chosen them, plus they had an easy learning curve. However, I’m not a fan of their new templates and the changes they’ve made now. I also couldn’t incorporate a blog without hired CSS help, so that’s why I’ve got a separate photoblog here with WordPress.

If you shoot and sell your own photography,
what do you use for a platform(s) and why do you like it?

Please feel free to leave a link to your site as well, so I can check it out.
(I will not any link sales or spam!)

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3 Comments on “What Photography Platform Do You Use?”

  1. Optimistic Kid Says:

    I use SmugMug and didn’t have any problems when transferring my pics. Try it again, maybe it works the second time around.


  2. April Says:

    Please share the link when you decide which platform to use.


  3. Eric Christopher Jackson Says:

    I would will say “Squarespace” has a much better choice in template options and they’re five dollars less per month than SmugMug. Still, I want to fulfill my photo orders through BayPhoto Lab. I’m not sold on how Squarespace’s e-commerce is set up.


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