Get Your Gratitude On!

November 29, 2014

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Get your gratitude on!

So, this ties in with our last post about living a life of gratitude. I’d like to share a little more and say that it really is as simple as being a choice. I can choose to live a life of gratitude even though my life may seem like a complete mess right now. In fact, I would even venture that it is specifically during those times (when we finally realize that we are not in control) that God is His busiest, sorting through the tangled mess we’ve created, in order to weave us a beautiful tapestry known as… our LIFE. He isn’t able to do that though, as long as we’re determined to hang on. Perhaps some of us have to learn to let go the hard way ~ by allowing us to be stripped of everything that we are so desperately clinging onto.

More Gratitude…

The professional buzz which started a couple of months ago has really picked up since publishing my LinkedIn profile, so I’m feeling very grateful to have finally listened to my gut instincts that said I should do it, over the caution of those who (although, well-intentioned) perhaps can’t see outside the box. I went from being considered a beginner for the last couple of years, to suddenly becoming an expert (lol!) with nearly 2,ooo connections and many endorsements.

LinkedIn Connections

Destined for Greatness

You know, great leaders and teachers are not confined to the norms or to doing things the way everyone else does. They know, most naturally, how to thrive and rise above any occasion.  Their talents and gifts enable them to think outside the box and inspire others to invoke change. Ponder for a moment… For, if they thought about things like everyone else, how in the world could they motivate and encourage those very same people to rise up and excel beyond their own expectations? This is why we appoint them as our leaders and pay them to be our teachers, speakers, coaches, etc.

Think outside the Box

You can’t be a leader, if you’re following the crowd!

Personally, I am learning not to fear my own talents and gifts anymore… It’s time to embrace them and show the world how grateful I am for what God has given me by living and using them even more. It’s a concept that I’ve been advocating others on for years, but I didn’t realize that I’ve not been doing it myself to the extent that I could. In truth, I have been hiding and fearful of what could be perhaps some of the greatest gifts I have, which means there may be more I can do to help people.

Or rather, this isn’t about me…
but the more I learn to give  up control and let God work in my life,
the more He can work through me to help others.

Regarding the increased excitement over more speaking, publishing, traveling, opportunities ~ I must say that I love it! I am so very excited to see what the future holds and have been exploring every opportunity that comes my way (I’ll be writing about my latest trip soon!) That being said, it has been difficult to pass up a couple of things that I know would just pay the bills (because it’s greatly needed right now) but I believe those to be mere distractions as well. I’ve let that go on long enough and distract me from His purpose, so I am patiently waiting and holding out for the right opportunity. It will come! In the meantime, my head is down and I am writing this book again.

I’m going to continue making myself available for those in need
Because I don’t know how else to live this life.

And if you’re looking through my site and see things that you aren’t as excited about, please know that I’ve been doing this all on my own for the last couple of years, but without any direction or leadership. Just know that I do well though, in having mentors and a little bit of guidance.

Restrictions (How we can hinder God)

I’ve come to terms with not having a particular niche finally now too (maybe even that in itself is a niche, lol!) People have wondered at how I can talk to abuse victims, the same as I can a criminal or troubled youth, the same as I can corporate leaders, and it be this wonderful experience every time that seems to change lives. I’ve come to realize, with the help of some friends that, THAT in itself, IS the gift my friends. I cannot be put into a box, nor do I want to be. Yes, it’s scarier this way, but God makes it work. There is a reason I’ve experienced so many things from one end of the spectrum to the other and if I try to just cram it all into one little box with a label, I’m restricting and confining what God can use those experiences for.

Thinking outside the box.

As an example, I began this site focused solely on helping survivors of domestic violence, but it has blossomed and evolved to encompass so much more than that. Being a survivor of abuse is only one aspect of it, but that’s not where my strongest talents even lay. It’s become much more about learning to live a life of gratitude, regardless of your circumstances.

It goes back to when I first started this blog and I wrote a series about “the ability to be content, whether abased or abound,” but then decided to delete it for various reasons. There is no denying it now though ~ that is my path and the foundation of my story. It is about how to have an unshakible faith no matter what life throws at you. It’s something I am finally bringing back into focus.

What am I…? Who am I…? 

I’ve even had a handful of letters and interactions by pastors and leaders who have suggested that I am being called into my own ministry ~ meaning I should pastor a church or start one… That goes in line with those who have commented about my likeness to Joyce Meyers (of all people ~ talk about humbling!) At any rate “ministry” is a nice umbrella for it all to fall under, because that is what it’s all used for (everything I’ve done or been) and I can still see a foundation being born from all of this.

I am finally open to whatever God wants to do. It’s funny… Because I thought I was ready back in California, but He knew I wasn’t. Sometimes, we need to be grateful for unanswered prayers :)

Soul Seeds

Above all else and most importantly is… I must always remember that I am a Princess of The Most High and the Daughter of a Great and Mighty King! More often than not though, this can be easily lost in the mix of all the world’s labels and titles. Don’t let society, or the world’s definitions and perceptions of what’s “normal” interfere with your calling and what God want to do in your life. Always go back to the basics… I believe it really can be that simple sometimes… Just remember WHOSE you are.


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10 Comments on “Get Your Gratitude On!”

  1. theoldfellowgoesrunning Says:

    It has been so long since I have been on LinkedIn, I don’t think I can remember my user name/password, and what is on there.
    God has brought you to the place where there is exciting opportunities, but you have also worked very hard to excel in all those work experiences.
    You Are a Princess of the Most High, and the Daughter of the Great and Mighty King. I know there are BIG things ahead.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Blessings! :)


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Understood Carl, lol! And until I started this a couple of years ago, you couldn’t find me anywhere in cyber world :)

      It always feels good to be acknowledged for our sweat and tears, so thank you. I’m still around, so I know He’s not finished with me yet, and I still have a purpose here. For that, I am grateful! This has been a 3 year journey ~ I’m not about to give up anytime soon or throw that all away. Blessings to you Carl!


  2. Susan Irene Fox Says:

    Jessie, it really is about using our gifts for His good in His timing. I really identified with your statement, “I thought I was ready back in California, but He knew I wasn’t.” A few years ago, I thought I was ready to publish something I knew He laid on my heart to write, but I have surrendered to His timing as He places new wisdom and Divine Intervention on my path.This life is a journey on His terms. More than acceptance, it is embracing His voice and following His every lead, painful as that may be for our ego at times. He always knows best, and as we learn to trust Him, we can relax and be at peace in that trust.

    You are absolutely right; it is not about what, but Whose we are. And that is surely enough to be thankful for.


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      And I can identify with your comment Susan about, “following His every lead, painful as that may be for our ego at times.” How true that is my friend. I know it’ll come to pass for whatever purposes suits the bigger picture, and often times, it isn’t even for our own personal benefit. It really is all about the Kingdom and I wouldn’t have it any other way (regardless of my ruffled (all be it, deserved) ego at times, lol!)


  3. Gretiana Says:

    I identify with something you said. Sometimes it’s as if I’m scared of my gifting. It’s like I’m not ready to become what God is showing me. May His grace strengthen and keep us for greater things.


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Ah… This has been a personal struggle of mine for at least the past couple of years. I keep telling myself that if He thinks I’m ready, then who I to say otherwise, lol! But, we know how much harder “belief in action” really is. Obviously, it has to do with faith and trust ~ in both Him and in ourselves (or therefore, lack of.) Anytime we feel so challenged, I believe it’s Him calling us to something greater ~ but to be greater, we need the opportunity and so He provides, but then it’s our choice whether or not to take it. It’s an interesting circle He’s weaved for us. I will include you in my prayers Gretiana… Be well my friend!


  4. clara54 Says:

    You are an inspiration. Thanks Jessie!



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