Want to Experience Change and Growth?

December 13, 2014


My latest trip to Mississippi and the Gulf taught me even more regarding power, control and harnessing your fears just as my time in Savannah, GA had. Here’s a little more about that from a business perspective.

Role Reversal

I’m used to having the lead position, but that hasn’t been the case recently, which is fine. In fact, it has very intentionally been the exact opposite, which is different from learning how to be a “team player.” I’ll tell you what, actual role reversal can really make you appreciate those who have been under you before and it makes you think even more about your own strengths and weaknesses as a leader going forward. 

I have always been in the habit of asking those around me if there were things they thought I could change or improve upon (especially when leading) because I think one of the greatest mistakes any business can make is not utilizing their greatest asset, which is of course, its own employees (obviously, next in line only to its customers.) 

This is a critical point people… When management and leaders are able to create an accepting, open environment where their colleagues and peers won’t feel judged or fear punishment for giving honest feedback and constructive criticism, then I guarantee change will occur.

Leaders should always encourage and welcome feedback
if they desire change and continued growth as a whole!

The Cornerstone of Honesty

In regards to these most recent trips, I also couldn’t be more thrilled to have another inner circle developing where trust is the cornerstone and basis for its success. Without trust… any operation, business, partnership, or even relationship is going to fail (This is just something PT on the side that I’ll be involved in, but only when called upon.) When I was younger, I used to think respect and/or honesty were the core component(s), and while they certainly are key factors as well, I don’t believe anything is more important than trust. It all has to start somewhere, but if there is no trust… I don’t care how respectful, honest, enthusiastic, or talented you are… it isn’t going to work right, have the potential for growth, or the staying power to remain.

A very powerful exercise in trust is role reversal!

I did have some lee-way this trip and believe the testing phase (if you will) is done to where all parties have settled into that mind-set of, “This is my life and career, and I trust you with them both. We have the same goals, now it’s time to get started. I got your back and you got mine.” Once you get past that initial threshold of trust ~ getting to know who the team players are and what everyone’s role is, the mind can finally relax enough to go get the job done. Once everyone’s comfortable with any boundaries that have been established, and how each member can make the best use of their gifts and talents ~ it is only then that they can best focus their time and energy as individuals towards achieving the collective goals instead. Make sense?

The Power of Choice

Now, that being said there always has to be a lead, so that person/board will choose who the team players are going to be, but then as an individual, YOU have the choice of whether or not you want to be a part of the team. My point is, whether you’re in the lead or not, YOU still have a choice and remain in control of your own decisions. This is important, because I want you to understand how powerful that is. I want you to know how much influence and change YOU possess that can help motivate others to not only dream bigger, but to take the action necessary to achieve and live those dreams. It really is life changing my friends! It isn’t a power that we let our egos become inflated by, but rather a motivating power that can change people’s lives!

“I am a firm believer that my goals and dreams would not have been put inside of me,
if I did not have the capacity to achieve them!” ~Jim Stovall

Anthony Robins quote

 *I will write more about conquering fears (another critical component of learning to live your dreams and being successful) as more lessons are derived from these trips :)

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7 Comments on “Want to Experience Change and Growth?”

  1. askmrtony Says:

    Hope you continue to be a great leader and learn all you can about people and leadership. God bless my friend!


  2. askmrtony Says:

    This is a good point! Our decisions affect our staff and the people we influence. We may never know who needs to be inspired by the choices we make because of a choice they are waiting to make based on the way we lead.


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Very true! It’s important as leaders to remain conscious of these things. It isn’t much different than being a parent though really, in the sense that we know our kids will often imitate what they see us “do” verses what we “say.” It’s the same principles and a choice we have to make about how we will live our lives.


  3. andy1076 Says:

    This is me clapping at your inspirational discoveries on your trip! especially as a leader who’s willing to practice role reversal, some leaders are so fearful of losing power they refuse to do that, if it makes sense?


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