Regarding Your Shares, Likes & Support

December 21, 2014


I am sharing this post now in preparation for what I will be posting tomorrow, and just for general knowledge. It seems important for you to know that ALL of your support and encouragement really comes through where it is needed the most (to me!) even if it doesn’t get displayed on this site for everyone else to see due to some technicality. Or maybe it is operator trouble… Who knows, lol! The point being… The ways in which you give back here mean the world to me and I am very grateful, so thank you as always! YOU are the reason I have continued blogging.

Some Technical Aspects I Need To Share

The next post up will be called, “My Work Opportunity In New Zealand ~ Read all about it!”
(My apologies friends, as I deleted this April 2015 along with the GoFundMe campaign.)

But first, if you look at the number of shares on the bottom of each post written through out this site, you will notice that the count isn’t normally very high. But, I want you to know that my background statistics have always shown a much different view. For some reason, this blog doesn’t seem to correctly register all of the activity for you, but I would like to show you otherwise and give some examples.

Recently, my post “50 Shades of Crazy! (things I learned from online dating)” had almost half as many shares as my story “Kidnapped” did the day it was first published (over 500!) However, at the bottom of the actual post it says I only received about a dozen. Yet, check out my behind the scenes stats (shown below) which match my Google traffic stats as well ~ And this was just first thing in the morning, because my views by country is rather impressive looking by the end of the evening! The other shares I receive aren’t accurately portrayed either, especially my StumbleUpon, and I think it’s simply the platform I’m using. 

What’s up WordPress…?

Facebook Shares

Facebook and posts shares

I just wanted to give you an example of what I mean when I talk about receiving so many emails and all the ways in which you so very generously support me. It has been frustrating to know that you may not have the same picture as I do about all of this. Please, rest assured that it is all there, even if it isn’t all reflecting for you to see! And a couple thousand views or more a month may not seem like much compared to the big sites, but for someone who started this all having not a clue about any of it, I think this is pretty cool! As is the number of offers I get to advertise on this site, so obviously I get enough traffic to attract that as well, which people can find doing their own online searches.

Monthly Views

I don’t even believe my Facebook Like page reflects the correct number found in the margin of this site. Here is a snip of my behind the scenes shares for the story “Kidnapped” too, which shows 271 shares just through StumbleUpon alone during that one day.

Kidnapped StumbleUpon Shares

But yet, here is a snapshot taken today of what’s actually reflected for you to see
regarding shares for the very same post, only it shows zero for StumbleUpon.

Capture 5

See what I mean about how they don’t match up. It’s just always been that way with this site. Then there are Google statistics and so forth to use as well. All other resources do help confirm the traffic and shares for this blog, except’s, which unfortunately is all you get to see right now at the bottom of each post. Hopefully, this will all be fixed in the near future though, as I gain a new platform (might use Wealthy Affiliates) and move to  Then I will be able to sell advertising space as well (I just got another request from a company on the 19th for $200 a month ~ that is residual income my friends and just one of the ways this works, enabling me to make a living!)

I hope to encourage your continued shares and support,
because quite honestly… It is amazing!

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3 Comments on “Regarding Your Shares, Likes & Support”

  1. Martin Shone Says:

    Your stats are much more impressive than mine, sometimes I barely reach double figures :) In December this year my highest was 23 views for the top poem (the darker the bones) and 183 for the month for all poems etc., but all this is irrelevant really. As long as our writing touches or reaches something in at least one person then it’s all worth it.



  2. Andy Oldham Says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I will definitely be watching my stats too! Merry Christmas!



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