Welcome to California!

January 23, 2015

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Our business and life are now based out of sunny California again everyone! 

And no, I did not “purposely” disappear this time, but now you know why I’ve been quiet as of late.

I have already started traveling up and down the Coast exploring new opportunities, so thought I might share a few pics from the past week (saving the best ones for later though.) Remember, it’s the middle of winter here too, but even on our worst days, it is still very beautiful.

I plan on taking advantage of everything that surrounds us here and never again will I agree to make my home base anywhere else in this country. We have been fortunate enough to travel the US extensively and live in nearly every state during the past decade, but nowhere else offers the variety of what is found here or the best weather for my health. I have missed it terribly and just love it, so thanks for inviting us back California!

Our new views are worth boasting about (in my humble opinion.) Just take a look!

It’s been a challenging move, but we wound up being hosted by an incredible woman through a church with which I hope to be of service to in any way that I can. This has definitely been a blessing! As is the college which accepted my daughter’s transfer and enrollment! It offers her so much more than Colorado did, so I feel very fortunate to help make more of her dreams come true too. Please keep us in your prayers, as we continue to get things arranged and settled.

I will continue to travel around the US and hopefully internationally as well, but my home base will be between L.A. and Santa Barbara now (however, I’m willing to go anywhere in California still too.) Please contact me if I may be of assistance to your church, organization, business, DoD/international affairs, or just for an event. I am still seeking opportunities and remain an independent agent/freelancer.

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12 Comments on “Welcome to California!”

  1. 1EarthUnited Says:

    Beautiful views, happy travels!


  2. tonyasmithauthor Says:

    The photos are awesome Jessie. I am glad you are getting settled there in a great state. GOD has great opportunities in store for you I know.


  3. deutschtrailers Says:

    Beautiful Pictures, thank you very much Jessie Jeanine….💗💗💗


  4. Writing to Freedom Says:

    Congrats Jessie! It sounds like a great move and opportunities for you. blessings, Brad


  5. andy1076 Says:

    Sooooooooo many beautiful views…! with sights like these I would be spending days enjoying and taking it all in :)



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