Living on Faith

January 25, 2015

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“How do you have faith
when it seems like there’s nothing left to believe in?”

I live by faith much of the time. In fact, I should post about how to move to Santa Barbara, California without any money, a job, a place to live, or without even knowing anyone because that’s what we’ve done. This is one of the most beautiful cities in the country, but with a price tag to match!

Santa Barbara, California

The first time we ever visited the area, I said I didn’t want to leave. It has taken a couple of years, but I am finally back and delighted to call it home now. Actually, there are many wonderful cities along the Coast and I feel very fortunate to be able to travel between here, L.A., and San Diego for various opportunities. As long as I’m staying inside California state lines, I’ll probably call it home, lol!

That being said, living by faith is never easy. I am often content however and really don’t NEED for anything. I may WANT, but I do not NEED. Meaning, even when things have been at their worst, we have still been taken care of, because God has provided. And anything beyond the most basic of provisions is simply a blessing! So, I may not have an abundance of money or things right now, but I do have what I need, and therefore can be content. It’s funny, we often don’t realize some of those differences until we have been stripped of everything and had to start all over again.

Are there times when I wish things weren’t such a struggle though? Of course! But, if given the chance, would I ever change any of it? No, I would not. Not as a redo anyways. If things someday become easier on their own again or maybe because God deems it’s time that I might be able to get a little more rest ~ then so be it ~ I would happily accept such a blessing. But, I would not trade my life for yours or anyone else’s, on any day, ever.

There is beauty to be found in our struggles.

Our life struggles are much like the scars we wear, in which, I have many. It took all my years to learn how to not only accept them, but embrace them as well. You see, our scars are the battle wounds of our survival and we should wear them with pride. My scars mean I have survived! So, if ever you find yourself nitpicking, ashamed, embarrassed or guilty for the marks that you may carry… Just remember, that scar means you survived whatever it was that intended to harm or destroy you. It means, YOU are the stronger one who came out victorious. And perhaps, there are more reasons than you can imagine for their visibility, because like it or not, they are an unspoken testament to all who see them ~ That may just be enough to open the door to someone’s heart.

God has given you a badge for others to see…
Wear it with honor!

And guess what… We can’t become better or stronger without having to push our way through something. I would not be so relentless, resilient and tenacious if I did not have to live through one major struggle after another like I have. So, that’s what I mean when I say, my struggles have made me who I am today and that’s a good thing! To be honest, I would not have a personal relationship with Jesus either if I did not have such a need to reach for Him.

My constant life’s struggles have developed within my character a relentless and unshakable faith for which I am ever so grateful for. They have taught me things about unconditional love, living a life of passion, how to be more like Jesus, and formed me as a woman after God’s own heart in the best ways possible… Those are qualities, values, morals, beliefs and character that I would never give up!

What have the pain and struggles of life taught you?



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8 Comments on “Living on Faith”

  1. theoldfellowgoesrunning Says:

    Jessie, have missing your presence in the blogging world, and hoping you are doing okay.
    Wherever you are now in the world, praying that God would give you His strength and His peace.
    Thank you for this post, written from a lot of battle scars in your life.
    Thank you for your faithfulness. Thank you for many times sharing your story, your testimony. May the Lord continue to use you in this hurting world.
    Happy Easter,


  2. Wendell A. Brown Says:

    You have always overcome every new obstacle in the past…because you are you, and are blessed with an enduring faith. Hugs to you my sister, you always remain in my prayers!


  3. richiesbabe Says:

    someone once said to me (she had a VERY difficult upbringing)…i wouldn’t trade my past because it has shaped me into the person i have become.

    this simple statement was wisdom seasoned with understanding that we are who we are because of what we live through.

    my son almost died while we were living in poland. and as much bitterness as i hold about the lack of professional health care—i hold the same amount of awe.

    while he died/nearly died…we learned great faith. we truly understood prayer. we were shown a great miracle.

    and so, despite my longing that he never would have gotten to the point where he did, god took all of it and spread his hand open, engulfed us, and taught us some of the greatest lessons of our lives.

    lessons we would have never learned if hell we had not traveled through.

    thanks for your beautiful post.

    god bless! b


  4. GodGirl Says:

    Amen! Our stories are powerful…


  5. Rick Stassi Says:

    And above all, Truth for the Truth will set you free! We are never for want of anything as long as God is first on our list. That is your hope and mine, your faith and mine, and your trust and mine. :)


  6. lilpickmeup Says:

    Having faith that everything is happening for a reason and life often works in cycles is really hard to do. I think it really takes daily practice, like exercising a muscle. I am in a transitional period in my life and it’s not easy to sit still through when it feels uncomfortable not knowing. The unknown is often frightening. I think that’s the biggest thing I struggle with is dealing with uncertainty.



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