Adjusting Her Sails

July 17, 2015

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Adjusting Her Sails

A willingness on our part to adjust our sails when the time is right can bring an even greater prize than what we were originally aiming for.


But, First Things First…

So, our most recent Santa Barbara experience had us ‘renting rooms’ from people. To be honest, it was ridiculous and horrible experience ~ something that I would not recommend. People often times expect you to pay more than half the rent or mortgage without even sharing the rest of the home, let alone bringing anything along that won’t fit into ‘your room.’

I’ve had plenty of roommates before. For the most part, they were good experiences and a couple were even great, but all around the rest of the country, being roommates or responding to a house share means just that ~ it means all parties move in, move their things in, and share the whole house together while respecting each other’s bedrooms.

Instead, we just spent the past few months renting and sharing a single bedroom, paying more than half the bills plus, having to keep a storage unit on top of it. Then, regardless of the interview questions we asked, it seemed none of the parties were honest about their lifestyles, schedules or anything else (it was a whole lot of saying whatever they thought we wanted to hear just to get us in and collect the money.) I’ll tell you what ~ never again people! I can see why so many homeowners up there do it, as it’s a heck of a deal for them, but it really was ridiculous!

Currently However…

So, this month we got the opportunity to move back to San Diego… Finally! It’s where we wanted to be when we first came back to Cali again anyways, but circumstances took us up north instead, so we made the best of it. Don’t get me wrong though, I think Santa Barbara is absolutely gorgeous, but unless you’re in college or retired there really isn’t much to do (not even for an outdoor enthusiast like me.)

I’ll also admit that our time there was the most difficult and draining of all the places we have been during the last 3 years of tours. I really just didn’t like it plus, I was bored out of my mind (hence, the complaining, which I never do, so please forgive me!) That’s why I’m so happy to be back home though everyone!

At first I thought we might have to do another room share just to get our foot in the door again (even met with a few people) but after 3 long weeks in hotels and several trips, it finally all came together on many ends. Now for the settling in part, lol!

I quit doing the things that weren’t working, dove head first in another direction,
and away she went! I couldn’t be more excited or grateful!

Soul Seeds…

This is one of the greatest lessons that life’s trials can teach us… How to become tenacious, resilient, and persistent. How to believe and have unshakable faith. How to keep our eyes on the goal in spite of having to adjust our approach to get there. Often times, we must journey down different paths than we ever thought we’d take in order to reach our final destination. Isn’t it funny then, how those very steps are usually the ones which end up being the most fruitful, rewarding, and beneficial!   

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5 Comments on “Adjusting Her Sails”

  1. tonyasmithauthor Says:

    Hi Jessie,

    I am glad things worked out for you and that you are a little more settled in now. Sorry that your landlord told you one thing and did another. Blessings to you my friend. Hope to hear more of how you have been doing and what you have been up to . Hope your daughter is doing well..


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Hi Tony! I definitely consider our room shares (and the last couple of months explorations) to be trials of the past already. Our current situation came together beautifully though and it’s good to be working with great people on both a personal and professional level again. We’ll catch you guys up shortly :) Hugs my friend!


  2. joseph elon lillie Says:

    A lesson well learned. God answers every prayer but so often His answers leave us in places we would never choose ourselves.


  3. Michael Wilson Says:

    Thanks for the great reminder on persistence. Be blessed. God is with you.


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