Are You Ready?

September 8, 2015


Will you be ready when opportunity knocks
and God finally gives you the desires of your heart?

I’d like to think for, as much as I hope and pray, that I’m always ready, willing and waiting to grab hold of every single opportunity which crosses my path. I’ve come to realize though, that even when we do our best to live in the moment, that doesn’t mean we’re always ready for what the moment has to throw at us. After all, we cannot possibly be ready for everything! And just when we think we are or that we’ve got it all figured out, life adds unexpected chapters to our story, often times twisting the entire plot, and suddenly the perfect ending we’ve been imagining doesn’t seem so perfect anymore.

Until we get through it that is…

Life is full of endless chapters, but I think the greatest stories are like that. For, it isn’t until we read through each chapter, and are exposed to all the highs and lows, living out every intertwining novel within a series that we may realize how our beloved story, with all its worn and tattered pages, has been perfectly bound in its entirety from the very beginning. which includes a magnificent fairy tale ending after all.

leather bound

Fears Unfolding

So, since the creation of this blog I’ve discovered that I have a fear of success (besides a fear of flying) which I’ve briefly written about before. Not only was my biological family very materialistic growing up, but most of the cases I’ve worked have been centered around successful people who became corrupted by their wealth, or who gained their wealth through corruptive means. Unfortunately, I have seen way too much first hand of what greed and power can do to a person and I want nothing to do with it.

Yet, on the other hand, I’m sure there are many more successful and/or wealthy people who are ‘good’ verses ‘bad’ in the world… This just hasn’t been my experience, nor what I’ve been the most exposed to (hence, a fear of wealth, success and power.)

However, just as I’ve been conquering a fear of flying this past year, I believe it’s time to conquer this as well. They are the two greatest fears I have and while neither are the kind that can immobilize one’s life or render you completely helpless, they are definitely the kind which can hinder and limit a person’s dreams.

Facing Fear

So, I have reached another point in which, I want something else much more than these fears now and therefore, refuse to be guided by them, or the accompanying thoughts of inadequacy and low self-esteem any longer.

Has fear ever kept you from accomplishing your dreams before?

Rendered Speechless

The whole reason I’m bringing this up is because I may have let a few opportunities slip through my fingertips recently that I wanted to tell you about, mostly to help ensure that I don’t do it again (isn’t accountability just wonderful ~ ugh, lol!)

On Air InterviewSince our arrival back to Colorado this last time, I’ve been invited as a guest on a TV talk show in Denver and to 3 radio shows in different states around the country. It isn’t that I said no… as there were plenty of discussions regarding the use air time… But, I didn’t exactly say yes either or follow through by making detailed arrangements. I just kind of let things slide right by me instead.

I know what you’re thinking… “Why, in heaven’s name, wouldn’t she take advantage of such things!?” After all, I’m normally such a go getter ~ a hungry, eager soul ready to jump in with both feet!

“Because my friends, ultimately the fear of success I have is of my own.”


Doesn’t that just seem totally absurd though? And obviously, one of the greatest stresses you can have as a parent is an inability to provide for or keep your children safe, so it’s not like I enjoy being strapped down paycheck to paycheck when I have been either. I’ve just always been so concerned and careful about not being pegged as ‘that kind of person’ or ‘one of those woman’ ~ You know, like the kind I’ve worked so hard to put behind bars for years or which carry any resemblance to my birth family. Sometimes though, I think we can disassociate ourselves from things so much and to such an extreme that it can hinder us as well. Or perhaps I just simply care too much about what other people think still, so we’ll write about that next :)

Life is all about balance

Life… it’s all about balance.

Are You Ready?

The entire point of this post is whether or not we’ll be ready when opportunity knocks and God finally gives us the desires of our heart. I believe my chances will continue to come where being an author and speaker are concerned, but it’s taught me a few priceless lessons and given me one of the greatest opportunities yet, which is the recognition and ability to face another fear. In fact, it seems that many of my hearts desires are coming into fulfillment; and sometimes it isn’t until we finally feel safe and secure enough that we realize fear even exists inside of us. It’s been such a long time waiting… and learning… therefore, I’m determined not to let any more opportunities pass me by!

In fact, being blessed with the things I’ve desired for so long seems to be reigniting my own passion and belief about living out your dreams ~ The very thing I’m always encouraging all of you to do! I think it’s made me realize that ever since we left Cali the first time, I’ve had some of the wind-blown from my sail and it started taking its toll.

Well, I’m back and I’m not going anywhere this time. I’ve been so grateful for a second chance and am excited to get re-established here. I will continue to make this time around better for us and take advantage of all the good God sees fit to bestow upon us :)

What about you?
Will you be ready to seize the moment and grab on with both hands,
or will you let the blessings of life become just another missed opportunity?

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6 Comments on “Are You Ready?”

  1. daleydowning Says:

    Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever be ready, in terms of emotions… There are things that I want so badly, sometimes I feel there’s no way I would say no… But my fears do get in the way…
    We can do everything we need to in His strength…and He gives us a spirit not of fear and timidity but of power. (note to self)


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      “Note to self, note to self, note to self…”

      One thing I’ve learned is that my emotions may never be ready… For anything, lol! Emotions are a temporary thing, which waver according to circumstance, so it’s all about ‘feel the fear and do it anyways’ type a thing.

      “Note to self.”


  2. oldpoet56 Says:

    Very good post thank you for putting in the work for us readers.



  3. clara54 Says:

    Hi Jessie, thanks for sharing and I really am happy to know that fear of success extend to other folks besides myself:) sorry, I know what you’re saying and you will work through it. self-sabotage can hinder us from sharing our gifts. Early on when my poetry won in competition and winners were invited for tea and readings of their work, I made up written excuses on why I couldn’t attend! Nowadays, I walk through the fear and just show up…nervous a heck, but you’ll find the experience is not nearly as bad as you think. Leave a legacy!


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      I sure do appreciate your encouragement Clara, so thank you :) It really helps to hear how other people overcome the same kind of challenges.

      I must say, that I still get just as nervous before speaking too, but like you said, I’ve learned to walk through that one ~ Feel the fear and do it anyways!

      So, onto the next one…


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